Trad Worker implodes, data goes missing and attorney's seek to sanction Matt Parrott...

By now, you've all heard that the Traditionalist Worker Party has imploded following Matthew Heimbach's alleged sex scandal and falling out with co-founder Matt Parrott. Shortly after news of the scandal broke, Matt Parrott took to Gab to announce that he had deleted information including membership lists. That's a big no-no. 

Well things have now gone from bad to worse for the two Matt's, because attorney's for the Plaintiff's in Sines v. Kessler filed an emergency motion for sanctions against Matt Parrott. But surely the data did not start disappearing this week. On October 11, 2017, Matt Parrott posted the following to Facebook.

In addition, the Traditionalist Worker Party at one time had an event sign-up page for the Unite The Right rally. 

The page resided at the URL but has since been scrubbed. It's unclear at this time if the data collected at the page was maintained. 

Attorney's for the Plaintiff's in Sines v. Kessler are seeking a full forensic analysis of Trad Worker data systems and surely they're going to want to look into the former contents of this event sign-up page. 

Restoring the honor!


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