I Want My Money: Billy Roper claims that Attorney Elmer Woodard sent the Goodwin's a bill for $20,000 last week...

Elmer Woodard wants the Goodwin's to show him the money. (Image Copyright: Natalie Jacobsen)

White Nationalist Billy Roper claims that Attorney Elmer Woodard has sent a bill to the parents of Jacob Goodwin for $20,000, and that all told, Woodard's services may run $30,000. Jason Kessler, by comparison, recently claimed that he was in the hole for $10,000. Kessler must be on the discount plan? The revelation came during Roper's appearance on the Stormfront Action podcast last Tuesday. Roper went on to criticize Richard Spencer for being a tightwad, and also revealed that his Shield Wall Phalanx, which is the street fighting arm of the Shield Wall Network will be providing "security" for Goodwin's parents during his upcoming trial.

Listen to portions of the podcast and read transcripts below.

"But so far the trailer looks to be favorable and I hope that the documentary at least will maybe help awaken more people to the fact that we do have guys that are still in Charlottesville, who are locked up who have not gotten any assistance and are now approaching trial. Jacob has his trial at the end of the month, beginning of next month, and, you know, we are very glad that we have good attorney's who are willing to take our cases and very skilled, knowledgeable attorneys like Jacob's attorney. Unfortunately, you know, they don't come free, or even cheap, and the Goodwin's yesterday received in the mail, the bill. Right now they owe their attorney $20,000 and it's expected to rise and could be as much as $30,000 before it's over. That's in addition to what has already been paid. You know, they're very grateful to everyone who has helped out already financially..."

Billy Roper: "There are people in our movement, and I don't want to be critical, but, I know there are people out there who are millionaires, who are multi-millionaires, who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth who literally could write a check and cover all of the defendants in Charlottesville. Every single one of them without even missing a beat. Without even missing a bill, for sure, and it's frustrating to me that there are people there who could, but won't, and it seems like..." (gets cut off)

Red: "Richard Spencer?"

Billy Roper: "Yes sir. Exactly. I didn't want to call his name, but since you will Red, exactly. We know he could. And, you know, it always seems like it is those of us who are working class, who have the least to give, who are the most generous."

Billy Roper: "We're actually going to have some of our people who are going to be traveling to Charlottesville with the Goodwin's just for their personal security because we can imagine how, you know, those BLM and ANTIFA in Charlottesville are going to act, and we're going to have Shield Wall Phalanx there, as the Goodwin's security there in Charlottesville for Jacob's trial."

Restoring the honor!


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