Full Disclosure: Billy Roper claims he's had 25 year relationship with one of the filmmaker's of a new documentary he appears in...

White Nationalism 1.0 Hall of Shamer Billy Roper is featured in a new documentary just released by NBC Left Field. The documentary follows the trajectory of the parents of Jacob Goodwin, one of the men currently in jail awaiting trial for their alleged involvement in the merciless beating of Deandre Harris at the Unite The Right rally last August. 

Two filmmaker's followed the Goodwin family for several months and documented their alleged radicalization into the white nationalist movement. The Goodwin's, like their son Jacob, allegedly fell in with Roper, the leader of the Arkansas based Shield Wall Network. Last Tuesday, Roper appeared as a guest on the Stormfront Action podcast where he discussed the documentary and the case of Jacob Goodwin. Roper claimed in the podcast that he has known one of the two documentary filmmakers for about 25 years. NBC Left Field did not disclose any relationship between Roper and filmmaker David Holloway. 

The company also did not respond to several emails requesting comment about Roper's claims, or whether any of the participants in the documentary were financially compensated for their participation. 

Filmmaker David Holloway. Image courtesy of One People's Project.

Listen to audio and read transcripts of portions of Roper's appearance on the podcast below. 

Billy Roper: "For the last several months, we’ve been working through NBC. There is actually a guy who I was an undergrad with in college, so I’ve known him for over - well, a long time. Actually, about 25 years, and he was the first reporter to ever interview me when I was coming out and becoming a openly white nationalist, so, I trust him and I don’t necessarily trust NBC or his producers or editors. But we’ll see what the final product looks like. It was a documentary that they’ve been working on and they had actually went to the Goodwin’s house and spent time with them, interviewing them and following them around and they came to my house and followed us around. They came to Shield Wall Network meetings and rallies and protests, and actually videotaped Shield Wall Phalanx training sessions, and this went on for a couple months. The final product is going to be released soon, this NBC documentary that has a trailer posted yesterday, and the trailer is on YouTube.com. People can go to YouTube and type in “The Path to Radicalization”, and it’s about a minute and a half long trailer. So far, the trailer looks good."

"Red": "One more question. Who did this documentary?"

Billy Roper: "It was done by NBC. And the guy who approached me for it, is one who has followed me for the last 20-25 years. From, you know, National Alliance days on forth, and his name is David Holloway, and he did a lot of the filming, and they also had, believe it or not, had an Asian do some of the filming, which, anyway, that's what it was. (Chuckles) But that's why we don't know about the final production and the editing, how it's going to turn out. I do trust David. I've worked with him for decades. I don't trust the rest of them, to be honest with you any further than I could throw them, so we'll have to see how it all looks out when it's done."

"Red": "Don't you think the - don't you think that the proceeds this guy makes off this documentary ought to go to help Jacob, or whoever he's documenting?"

Billy Roper: "Ha, ha, ha. Right, well, he's not really a nationalist. He, you know, sometimes gives us publicity, and that could benefit."

Restoring the honor!


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