FOIA request reveals alleged Newnan Police intel of 8,000-12,000 counter-protesters expected at NSM rally...

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, and based on reporting in a Newnan Times-Herald report on this past Saturday's National Socialist Movement rally in Newnan, Georgia, the city released a PDF file containing a Facebook post from the "Valdosta ANTIFA" Facebook page and a one page, unattributed screed against ANTIFA as evidence of the need for a large police force.

The first page contained a Facebook post from April 20th, which appears to be from the "Valdosta ANTIFA" Facebook page and includes hilarious, unbelievable assertions such as plans to hide weapons caches throughout the city inside of cakes and plans to erect statues to Pauly Shore. 

The second page of the release included a lengthy description of alleged expectations for the Saturday rally by an unknown author. Attempts to verify the source of the page and the author have been unsuccessful. It's unclear at this time if the Newnan Police Department are aware of the author of the post.

A search of Google for a string of words contained in the document yields a link to the III% Security Force Intel Facebook page containing an exact copy the documents contents. It is unclear at this time how police obtained the posts, or how they came to rely on them so heavily in their pre-event planning.

The Newnan Chief of Police, Douglas "Buster" Meadows has not responded to multiple emails inquiring about the events of this past Saturday.

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