Listen to previously unreleased audio of Mike Peinovich playing the Charlottesville Police Department like a fiddle...

New audio released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request reveals a discussion between Mike Peinovich, otherwise known as Mike Enoch, and Charlottesville Police Department Detective Mark Frazier. The undated audio is the latest in a series of audio files released by the city of Charlottesville which show the extent of discussion between the organizers and participants of the August 12, 2017 Unite The Right rally and the Charlottesville Police Department prior to the event. 

Listen to the recording and read a transcript below. (Note: This recording has been trimmed to omit Mike Peinovich's personally identifying data.)

801_0194 Enoch.wma - 14 min 23 sec

Peinovich: "Hello."

Frazier: "Hello is this Mike?"

Peinovich: "This is he."

Frazier: "Mike, this is Mark Frazier, I'm a detective with the Charlottesville Police Department."

Peinovich: "Yeah."

Frazier: "Uh..."

Peinovich: "How you doing?"

Frazier: "Good, thanks for calling me back. Sorry I missed your call a second ago. Umm, I just want to make sure it's, it's, how do you say your last name? I don't know how you say it."

Peinovich: "Pee-no-vitch. Mike." 

Frazier: "And do you, do you go by Mike Enoch? Because that's, that's the Mike I'm trying to..."

Peinovich: "That's my public, that's my, that's my public, sort of persona, but, uh, you know, on legal documents it's still as Peinovich. You can just call me Mike or I respond to Mike Enoch if that (unintelligible)."

Frazier: "Alright, I just wanna make sure I got the right person. The reason I'm calling is the Charlottesville Department is, we're just doing all the preparation and work to plan for the event in August."

Peinovich: "Mmm hmm."

Frazier: "And so what they've asked us to do is they've assigned different detectives to contact any individuals or groups that we think may be attending that to act as a point of contact or liaison for everybody, and then also, it just helps us plan as far as numbers and what kind of resources do we need for, you know, rescue, or fire, or water, tents and you name it. Umm..."

Peinovich: "Absolutely."

Frazier: "The, uh, I was supposed to, (shuffling papers) let me see real quick, umm, we were told that you would be one of the speakers that day. Is that, is that true, is that what you're planning on doing?"

Peinovich: "Yes, that's correct. I was (Unintelligible) to be a speaker, I would not be involved in the planning and logistics though, I am just a speaker."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So I am going to be showing up and I have, I do have my personal bodyguard, I have one guy, and he's just a volunteer, a friend of mine that's just doing that for me."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "And he's going to be con..., He's going be in contact with the planners and figure out how we're getting in and out. Uh, I really am not involved with the logistics at all, I am just kind of a speaker there."

Frazier: "Ok. (Chuckles) Alright. Is umm..."

Peinovich: "Yeah, so I..."

Frazier: "Is your one, the body, that's doing the bodyguard work for you, do you know if he's going to be armed, or plan to carry any weapons or anything like that?"

Peinovich: "I have not asked him about it, I did, just so you know, I did put out an announcement on our, on my podcast, that's what I, that's what I do..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...yesterday, yesterday that umm, I think it's inadvisable for people who are attending to bring a firearm."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "For a number of reasons. One, you know, we wanna cooperate with you guys as much as possible."

Frazier: "Sure."

Peinovich: "We're worried it's just going to be mis... We're as interested in being as peaceful as you are. It's good for us for this to be peaceful. We want it to be peaceful. We simply want to show up and say our peace and then leave peacefully."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "We don't want to harm anybody. We don't want to start violence. Nobody... If there's rumors out there about people starting violence, I, I mean those are phony, those are fake."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "Umm, I did advise on our podcast last night that people not bring firearms because in a tense situation, it could escalate into something that nobody wants."

Frazier: "Sure."

Peinovich: "Umm, so I, I do, advise that, I don't know that, I don't think that my friend will be bringing, 

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "I mean he is licensed, he is licensed to carry, of course. But I will, I don't think he is, I will advise him not to, because I don't think that it is going to be necessary for..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...for me to do that. Like if somebody tries to come at me, I think, you know,  getting in between me and the other guy would be..."

Frazier: "Sufficient."

Peinovich: "...I don't think any..."

Frazier: "Do, umm... As far as the logistics go, who would be, who would be the best, umm, point of contact for the police department to call to kind of get specifics, as far as, umm, like locations or routes that you guys are kind of planning to come or go from the event, and, or anything like that, where we can kind of prepare ahead of time? Do you know who's coming up with that stuff?" 

Peinovich: "Umm, I'm sure you talked to Jason Kessler of course. Umm, I, I actually don't know the... The only other person that I know that's big in planning, who is my point of contact, is, uh, a friend of mine that, by the name Eli Mosley, if that name has come up before?"

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So, umm, he would probably be willing to talk to you. His real name is Elliott Kline, and uh, he, he's the one that for my side of things is the one who has been planning everything with Jason."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So he would probably know a lot more about that than I would. Like I said, I have just been trying to encourage people to come and encourage people to come and, you know, be peaceful and just stand with us, and not, you know. Listen, we absolutely, we would love it if this could just be totally peaceful."

Frazier: "Yeah." (chuckles)

Peinovich: "You know, if we could just show up, do our thing and then leave, that would be great, but... 

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "...people don't want that to happen."

Frazier: "With, with ah, just kind of rumors out there, as far as, umm, the kind of people, or the groups that would be coming with you, or umm, or you guys, do you have any ideas, have you heard any numbers out there about what either, organizers are expecting at this point?"

Peinovich: "Umm, I think we're expecting around, I mean I think that I, I'll be honest, almost everybody I know is going, 

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "And in my personal circle, that's, you know, the people I talk to on a weekly basis, is about 200 people."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So I can say at least 200 people that I know."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "Now I think it's going to be bigger than that because a lot of people I don't know are going as well. My guess would be about a 1,000. I mean, that would be my guess just sort of based on the buzz that I'm hearing in the community."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "Umm, I would agree that, you know, Jason, as you know, is, I'm sure that you guys have been talking to him..."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "...constantly, umm, he's the best one to know, and he would also be the best one to refer you to, other people, people planning logistics. Also, I'm sure someone should reach out to Richard Spencer. I Know he also has a bodyguard that might know these things."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So, umm. I mean my body, my bodyguard is really just my friend."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "Like he's just a, he's just a friend that was ex-military and wants to do this for me, so he's not uh, he's not like. I, I, I... He's not in the loop on any of this stuff. He's going to get in the loop like when we need to do it which is, you know, in a week, probably leading up to the thing."

Frazier: "Yeah. Yeah."

Peinovich: "You know, I would talk to, I would talk to Eli Mosley."

Frazier: "Ok. Is he uh..."

Peinovich: "And I'm sure..."

Frazier: "Do you know where he is based out of?" 

Peinovich: "Yeah, he lives in, uh, Pennsylvania. I can, I can get you a number. I don't have it right now."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "I'd have to look it up, but I can text, I can text it to you..."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "...after I speak with him."

Frazier: "That'd be great. Umm, one just last thing. For you personally, have you, has, in the lead up to this event in Charlottesville, has there been any kind of specific threats towards you by any single person or groups, umm?"

Peinovich: "Umm..."

Frazier: "That you can kind of, that we should be aware about?"

Peinovich: "Uh, there probably, umm, not that I know of. I know that, I mean, I actually don't pay much attention, I do more paying attention to kind of the work I do trying to be in a positive direction."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "But I do have, like Eli is the one that actually researches the ANTIFA. That''s why he's a good resource. He's the one that does research on 'em. Now I know, of course, personal friends, I don't, I don't think so."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "That there have been any directed towards me, I mean, I've had personal threats generally speaking, but not in the, you know, that sort of in the last year or so I've had several of those but nothing ever comes of it, I think it's just people..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: " know, like harassing phone calls and stuff like that, but it's uh, nothing that is in relation to this event. Like, there's nobody that's like, "Oh, we're going, we're going to the event..."

Frazier: "To do this or that."

Peinovich: " purposely jump Mike Enoch", or shoot me, or something like that."

Frazier: "Ok. In any of your..."

Peinovich: "Umm, you know, I know you're..."

Frazier:"Go ahead."

Peinovich: "I was going to say, I know you probably know about like It's Going Down, Anti-Fascist News, ah, these are, these are two websites that ah, authored and in my opinion advocate for, they openly advocate for illegal activity and violence."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "Umm, ah, you know, I'm sure you know about those sites as well."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "Yeah, and I would also, just looking on some of the local, or, or not local, because there's going to be Left-wing activists, not local, looking on some of their Facebook pages..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...or internet sites and see what they're, 'cuz they're pretty bad about not openly advocating for (chuckling) illegal violence publicly, it's kind of, it's kind of ridiculous but, umm."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "But yeah, ah, so yeah, I think Eli really would be your best point of contact."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "I will get his information to you."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "And ah, maybe someone's already talked to him?"

Frazier: "Yeah. They may have, but they kind of split us up, and umm, so it's a manageable amount. As far as any of the past event's you've been speaking at, or protests you've been involved with, have you had, umm, what has kind of the response been? Has it been typically peaceful, or a mixture, or what has your experience been on some of these?"

Peinovich: "Uhh, t-t-t-t-t-typically it's, it's peaceful. I would say the umm, the biggest, ahhh response that we got was, I went to a, something in Pikeville, Kentucky."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "And you might want to actually call the Pikeville Police and ask them..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...some of their tactics that they used because they did an excellent job in ah, they did an excellent job in keeping it peaceful, keeping the uh, keeping us safe and in the place where we were, had our legal rally..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...and keeping the uh, the Leftist agitators, ah, you know, in their area too. Where, there was a few times where some of them tried to kind of jump the barricades and run at us, but the police took them down in seconds."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "So, it was not really an issue. Mostly these things are peaceful."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "There's a lot of yelling, and a lot of emotion..."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "But it generally stays peaceful, I think. There have been, maybe the worst that happened at a couple of (unintelligible) and things like that, but that's only, when, you know, generally we don't (unintelligible) and for us, and for our message, and for what we want, we just want to be able to peacefully speak in public. Umm, and there's groups dedicated to making sure that doesn't happen."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "Umm, that are willing to break the law."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: "Umm, but generally it is, it is peaceful."

Frazier: "Good."

Peinovich: "Like, I was at an event in Austin, Texas where we were virtually, we were totally undisturbed. We just spoke at the Capitol and there was no problem. Nobody even, nobody bothered us, so umm, even the ones where the ANTIFA, or the Liberals do show up in large numbers, they generally, they generally just scream and yell."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "There are a few agitators that are bent on violence in that group..."


Peinovich: "...but it's hard to pick them out. It's hard to pick them out from the rest, so..."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: " know. But usually they're not successful..." 

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich:"...because the presence, the mere presence of the police is enough of a deterrent for them to actually try anything stupid. So. But yeah."

Frazier: "Ok. Umm, well, so, if you would, save my number, and if you, umm, if you have questions or concerns, or certainly if you receive any kind of specific threats, or if there's anything that you just think could help us, you know, plan it, and plan a peaceful event for everybody, umm, I could be a point of contact for ya, and then if you just want to text me Eli's contact information, or maybe give him a head, you know, if you want to give him a heads up that I'd call him, uh, either today or tomorrow probably, ah, that'd be great, so."

Peinovich: "Sure, yeah, I'll do that. I'll let him know that, that you wanna talk to him, and he's totally willing to talk to you as well..."

Frazier: "Ok."

Peinovich: "...I mean, like everybody, everyone on our side, on our team is interested in cooperating as much as possible."

Frazier: "Ok. Well if umm, uh..."

Peinovich: "Now, I'm sure that's the response you've gotten generally?"

Frazier: "Yeah. No, no, definitely. Umm, you know, and that is certainly our goal, so hopefully we'll be able to make it happen. So..."

Peinovich: "Yeah."

Frazier: "...umm, if you, like I said, don't hesitate to call me leading up to the event, and then, umm, you know, I'd, like you said, Jason and I think some other people have been talked to more, umm, you know, one thing we do encourage if you do talk to those guys is, is umm, if you have any kind of like pre-event meetings or kinda staging locations coming or going, some of that's nice for us to know about, just so we can be a point of contact, or we can make sure people kind of come and go from parking areas safely. Umm, so in the future, if you are talking to those guys on what the logistics are, I'd just encourage you to let them know, hey, I think, I think that they've been, been cooperative, but, umm, yeah, that would, anything like that would help us." 

Peinovich: "Yeah, I mean, we have no reason, we have absolutely no reason to, to hide anything, so yeah, I'm sure that they'll be more than happy to let you know everything."

Frazier: "Awesome."

Peinovich: "Yeah. I just don't know that stuff, I mean, I've just been busy with other things and this..."

Frazier: "Sure."

Peinovich: "...this to me still feels like it's a long way out. I kind of forgot how close it is getting."

Frazier: (Laughing) Yeah, it's, it's getting close for us so we're trying to, ah, we're kind of..."

Peinovich: "Yeah, no, that's another thing that happened the other week that I was..."

Frazier: "Yeah."

Peinovich: But umm, yeah. I will uh, yeah. I'll do that. I'll let them know, and I'm sure, that, yeah. I'll talk to Eli and let him know. I'll uh. I mean I can, I can give you his number whenever I want, if I ask him if it's alright, and I can give, I'll give, I mean I can give you his number and I'll give him your number."

Frazier: "Great."

Peinovich: "So yeah."

Frazier: "Alright Mike."

Peinovich: "Ok."

Frazier: "I appreciate you talking with me and umm..."

Peinovich: "Alright."

Frazier: "... So I guess I'll see you in, see you in August."

Peinovich: "Alright, thanks a lot."

Frazier: "Alright. Bye, bye."

Peinovich: "Bye."

(Call ends)

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