Jason Kessler's permit application denied by city of Charlottesville for Unite The Right 2...

This is the showdown which should have occurred on the last go around. The city of Charlottesville has denied Jason Kessler a permit for Unite The Right 2. Here is Kessler's response.

In his newest You Tube video, Kessler says that the idea of the rally is to "prove a point". That's good to know. This is all just a stunt to "prove a point". See, it's not really about free speech after all. The city MUST use all legal means to hold Kessler and the criminal organization known as the Alt-Right accountable for the mayhem they engineered this past summer. I have been warning people for a long time that this is a new ballgame. They are using law fare now. Business as usual isn't going to work. Everything must be done through legal means to stop them. I know a lot of people who are critical and distrusting of the State aren't going to want to hear this, but at this point, only a legal response from the State is going to stop them.  The lawsuits that are currently in motion are just the beginning. The discovery in these cases is going to be amazing. There need to be more law suits. Many more people were injured that day and are not currently involved in a lawsuit. The Federal government should also be investigating this criminal organization and using RICO laws as they are operating across state lines. These turds are increasingly turning to encrypted communication because they know that their comm's would be the end of them. Kessler isn't going to stop. The only thing that is going to stop him is bars. He needs to do time on this perjury charge if found guilty. I'm talking maximum sentence. Wake up Cville. 

Restoring the honor!


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