LOSer Leak: Alleged League of the South membership list from 2014 leaks...

Last week, an alleged League of the South membership list from 2014 of nearly 5,000 individuals was leaked to the internet. Authenticity of the document cannot be confirmed. Several aspects of the document appear to show that it is indeed authentic, while other aspects appear to cast some doubt. Overall, the evidence appears to point in the direction that the document is authentic, and Michael Hill apparently has a really big problem on his hands. Assuming it is an internal document, who is leaking this information? On one hand, the spreadsheet is super detailed with a considerable amount of personal information including names, addresses, email addresses, membership numbers and telephone numbers. Due to the sheer size of data included in the document, if it is a hoax, it's a pretty elaborate one that took a considerable amount of time to gather bad information to be included for the purpose of trolling opposition (I guess). On the other hand, the document is titled "LOSers2014'. The term "LOSers" has frequently been a source of controversy within League ranks. Michael Hill has stated that "LOSers" is a derogatory term, and that the League prefers to be known as either "LOTS" or simply "LS" in shortened form. It would be odd for the League to title an internal document "LOSers" while publicly decrying the term. 

The document also makes reference to "dixienet_members". "Dixienet" was the former name for the League of the South's internet webpage.  Dixienet.org redirects to the current LOSer webpage. It's unclear who created or maintained the document or how it was leaked. 

Under the column for "Dues Type" are listed various classifications including "Child" and "Children", "Complimentary", "Disabled", "Fam w/ch" (Family with children), "Fam-Reg" (Family Regular), "Founding", "Honorary", "Regular", "Senior", "SouPat", "SouPatriot" and "Southern Patriot" (Southern Patriot), "SP Fam", "SP Family" and "SP-Fam" (Southern Patriot Family), "Student", "Subscriber" and "Subscription", and finally "Sustaining". Some of the classifications of dues types match current membership options on the League of the South webpage. 

Among the various individuals listed are alleged retired Marine Corps Major's, M.D.'s, PhD's, and in one case, a "teacher's lounge". 

It's unclear how damaging the leak will be to trust within the League of the South. Although the data appears to be outdated, whoever leaked it had access to the data, which means they may also have access to current data and further leaks may be impending. Oddly enough, certain well known League of the South members who were extremely active in 2014 appear to be missing from the alleged membership list, while their equally well known counterparts are included. Hmmmm... Interestingly enough, a well known "black Confederate" personality does make an appearance on the spreadsheet, although the LOSers have made a hard right turn in recent years, now claiming that they are a "whites only" organization. Assuming the document is authentic, it's unknown if this "black Confederate" grifter is still a current member or not. 

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