Citizen Review Board: August 12, 2017 Timeline...

An important aspect of the events of August 12th is an accurate timeline from beginning to end. Using time and date stamped photos, videos and a plethora of comments posted on social media, we are able to determine a fairly accurate sequence of events. This will be important in ultimately agreeing on the basic facts of what happened, which will be essential in order to make any progress going forward. If we can't agree on the facts of what happened, how can we figure out how not to let it happen again? A new film titled 'Charlottesville: Our Streets' is set to be screened next Sunday at the Virginia Film Festival. According to the producers Brian Wimer and Jackson Landers, "they want the film to establish an accurate record of events without adding any editorial filter in order to foster intelligent dialogue..." Additionally, the City of Charlottesville's own "independent" review, which is being led by Attorney Tim Heaphy is also putting together a timeline which may or may not end up being released to the public. This post can serve as yet another timeline against which the public can cross reference, and consider the facts of August 12th. Where possible, we will credit the original content creators. If you wish to have your content removed or have content you'd like to add, please email me at Note: The inclusion of any content produced by Nazis is not an endorsement, but necessary to establish the timeline. This will be a work in progress. We will be filling in the blanks as we go. Some this content will be slightly out of order due to inconsistent date and time settings in different people's equipment. The goal is to work together to re-arrange this content into a workable and accurate timeline. 

7:46 am: NBC 29 reporter Henry Graff tweets that Unite The Right organizer Jason Kessler had released a statement calling for peace ahead of the rally. There is no reason to believe that this was done for any other reason than to preemptively start the days white nationalist narrative. 

8:15 am: Photographer isisDC documents militia members standing at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park, just North of the stairs.

Image copyright isisDC

Defend CvilleToo posts a Periscope video of clergy assembling and preparing to march towards McGuffey Park. The procession begins in the parking lot for the Jefferson School City Center. 

8:21 am: Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel tweets that clergy were marching up High Street towards McGuffey Park. The counter-protesters had an approved permit to gather at McGuffey and Justice Parks.

8:23 am: Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel tweets that some members of the clergy are singing, others are chanting as they march.

The procession from the Jefferson School City Center parking lot to the steps of McGuffey Park took 16 minutes and 40 seconds. 

8:27 am: Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel tweets that counter-protesters at McGuffey Park are chanting "No hate, no fear, white supremacy not welcome here."

8:53 am: Daily Progress reporter Chris Suarez tweets that a group of clergy including Cornel West are leaving the First African Baptist Church on West Market Street. 

8:59 am: Photographer Rodney Dunning documents Klan members including Richard Preston standing at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park holding a banner reading ""Diversity" = White Genocide".

Image copyright Rodney Dunning.

9:00 am: Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel tweets that people are beginning to arrive at Emancipation Park. Wrabel posts a short video which shows militia members in camouflage carrying rifles beginning to set up on sidewalks on both sides of Market Street which was closed to vehicular traffic by police.

9:03 am: NBC 29 reporter Henry Graff reports on Twitter that police, Nazis, and others are beginning to converge on Emancipation Park. 

Graff posts four photos to accompany the tweet. One photograph shows both Virginia State Police officers wearing yellow vests and Charlottesville Police Officers in standard uniforms standing behind a barricade on the East side of Emancipation Park on 2nd street. Four unidentified persons can be seen on the roof of the Albemarle County Historical Society, one appears to be looking through binoculars in the direction of Market Street to the South.

9:10 am: Daily Progress reporter Chris Suarez tweets that the procession of clergy are walking up North 1st Street near Emancipation Park.

9:12 am: NBC 29 reporter Henry Graff tweets that the clergy collective is standing in front of the armed militia singing "This Little Light of Mine".

9:12 am: Video shows the Clergy collective singing "This Little Light of Mine" in front of Emancipation Park.

Photo copyright Eze Amos.

9:19 am: Daily Progress reporter Chris Suarez tweets a short video showing clergy lined up along Market Street in front of Emancipation Park.

9:23 am: Daily Progress photographer Ryan Kelly tweets a short video of Unite The Right participants marching down Market Street towards Emancipation Park.

9:23 am: The very first "wave" of Unite The Right participants marches down Market Street on the sidewalk single file, chanting the Nazi slogan "Blood and Soil", making their way towards Emancipation Park. At this time, Market Street is completely empty.  "Eli Mosley", aka Elliott Kline is leading the procession. 

Text courtesy of Cville Weekly.

9:25 am: Photographers isisDC and Rodney Dunning document the first "wave" of Unite The Right rally participants led by "Eli Mosley", aka Elliott Kline reaching the stairs at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park. Chief of Police Al Thomas later alleged in a press conference that the Unite The Right participants did not follow the pre-determined safety plan which hinged on them entering the rear of the park. Thomas claims the Alt-Right ignored the security plan. Jason Kessler later claimed that Al Thomas was a liar but cited no evidence.

Image copyright isisDC

Image copyright Rodney Dunning.

9:46 am: William Fears leads another group of Neo-Nazis in a single file line down the sidewalk on the North side of Market Street towards Emancipation Park. Fears is now incarcerated in Florida following Richard Spencer's University of Florida event.

9:46 am: Daily Progress reporter Chris Suarez tweets that another wave of Nazis had arrived at Emancipation Park. Suarez notes a two-step process that each wave took part in to enter the park. Each group arrived at the Southeast corner of the park. They then congregated momentarily in the semi-open area at the top of the stairs before descending and walking a gauntlet of clergy and counter-protesters to reach the stairs at the Southwest corner of the park where they would then enter a penned in area. It was quite a bizarre and illogical procession. 

9:48 am: Neo-Nazi William Fears leads group back out of the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park towards the Southwest entrance and penned in area. Fears was repeating a ritual that was seen with every group of Nazis who made their way to Emancipation Park that day.

10:01 am: George Curbelo of the New York Light Foot Militia stands at the Southwest corner of Emancipation Park with other armed militia members.

10:03 am: Another wave of Neo-Nazis carrying Identity Evropa flags makes their way towards Emancipation Park in a single file line on the sidewalk at the North side of Market Street. 

10:04 am: Members of Identity Evropa briefly congregate at the top of the stairs in the semi-open area at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park.

10:06 am: After briefly congregating at the top of the stairs in the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park, members of Identity Evropa come back down the stairs and head towards the entrance at the Southwest corner of the park.

10:08 am: Another small group of Neo-Nazis arrives by way of the sidewalk to the North side of Market Street. The group doesn't appear to be representing any one organization, though one individual was wearing a t-shirt advertising Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda.

10:12 am: Infowars "reporter" Millie Weaver interviews Nazis and counter-protesters from the steps on the Southwest corner of Emancipation Park. 

10:19 am: Another wave of Neo-Nazis makes it's way to Emancipation Park, once again walking down the sidewalk on the North side of Market Street. Every single group has walked down the sidewalk up to this point. No group has arrived by way of Market Street itself. The group appears to be a mixture, with a majority of Identity Evropa flags seen in the procession. One Nazi was spotted wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag with two Nazi SS bolts in the center.

10:20 am: Bringing up the rear was Tyler Tenbrink, currently incarcerated in Florida for attempted murder following Richard Spencer's University of Florida event. Straggling just behind Tenbrink was Daniel Borden, who is currently incarcerated for his alleged role in the beating of Deandre Harris that day in the Market Street Parking Garage. Borden was wearing a hardhat with the words "Commie Killer" scribbled across the front.

10:21 am: Just a minute after arriving at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park like all of the other groups, this wave of Neo-Nazis turned around and went right back down the steps and made their way towards the Southwest entrance to the penned in area. 

10:22 am: A large group of Anti-Fascists arrives marching down the middle of Market Street chanting "Alerta! Alerta! Anti-Fasctista!"

10:27 am: "Meme Alert News" interviewing an unknown individual with a Kekistani flag at the top of the steps at the Southeast entrance to Emancipation Park. At the base of the steps, heavily armed militia members walk Eastward on Market Street.

10:32 am: The clergy collective lines up across the stairs at the Southeast entrance to Emancipation Park. The clergy link arms to form a human barrier. 

10:37 am: An anti-fascist flyer lays on a sidewalk adjacent to Market Street near Emancipation Park following a procession of counter-protesters. The flyer comically asks the public to "Give Nazis A Platform." The platform is for hanging them. The counter-protesters reach the street in front of Emancipation Park. The counter-protesters carry signs which read "Kessler Is A Racist Sewer" and "Cops & Klan Go Hand In Hand."

Robert Ray, otherwise known as Azzmador is dropped off by shuttle van on 2nd Street, just North of High Street. Azzmador's group walks past a parked police car at 2nd Street and High Street. Walking down 2nd Street towards Emancipation Park, Azzmador's group runs into another group heading right towards them. At 00:52 someone in the group walking towards them says, “Guys halt." They then turn around and head the other direction. It is important to note that Azzmador's group IS NOT stopped by police or turned around by police at any point, instead, they are turned around by another Alt-Right group. At 2:00, someone yells "Go up one more" as the two combined groups reach 3rd Street. Another person responds, "He's saying go this way." And someone responds, "Whatever the cop says." The group then turns and heads South on 3rd Street towards Market Street. There is also a Charlottesville Police Department squad car parked at 3rd Street and High Street. There is a female police officer standing with the vehicle. She is wearing a tan shirt and green pants. The group then walks to Market Street, turns right and continues to Emancipation Park on Market Street. At 4:07, as the group turns onto Market Street someone yells, "Shields to the front", and they quickly form into formation before continuing on. At no point in the video do you hear any audible commands from police officers.

10:38 am: Clergy make a hole in a human wall at the top of the stairs at the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park for Nazis to pass through. They sing "This Little Light of Mine". There is no violence.

10:40 am: Another group of Nazis reaches Emancipation Park using the sidewalk on the North side of Market Street. Alex Michael Ramos who was recently denied bail can be seen in the middle of Market Street with his American Flag. 

10:51 am: NBC 29 reporter Henry Graff tweets that more rally participants are arriving by the dozens. Although Graff doesn't list the organization, the procession he was observing was the Nationalist Front leaving the Market Street Parking Garage heading towards Emancipation Park.

10:52 am: Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel tweets that the National Socialist Movement and others were heading East on Market Street. In reality, they were heading West on Market Street from the Market Street Parking Garage towards Emancipation Park. 

10:52 am: The Nationalist Front marching down the middle of Market Street reaches a large group of counter-protesters lined up across Market Street with arms interlocked forming a human wall. According to League of the South PR Chief Brad Griffin, an unknown police officer instructed Matthew Heimbach to go through the protesters. This is a highly unlikely claim and to date no evidence has been offered to prove this ever occurred. Additionally, police have said that they weren't even supposed to be entering on Market Street, but for some unexplained reason, they were. One of the first punches of the day was thrown by Spencer Borum, the Chairman of the Kentucky League of the South Chapter. Ryan King, a League of the South member in Alabama can be seen charging full force into the counter-protesters who would have to defend themselves against the Nationalist Front attack. This encounter was the moment that Unite The Right spiraled out of control. Prior to the Nationalist Front arriving, there was no widespread violence. 

10:54 am: Daily Progress reporter Lauren Berg tweets that a huge scuffle had just broken out while organizer Jason Kessler snuck into the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park undetected. Kessler was guarded by 6 men in white shirts and khaki pants. 5 of the men were wearing black hats while one was wearing a tan hat. 

11:04 am: A Neo-Nazi carrying a swastika flag stands in line with the Nationalist Front contingent waiting to get in to Emancipation Park.

Emily Gorcenski and Daniel Duerst (who goes by the moniker "Duerst the Wuerst" on social media) both post videos in which you can see them cross paths on each others respective videos. Duerst's video is posted to YouTube while Gorcenski's video is posted to Persicope. The two cross paths at the corner of Jefferson Street and 4th Street at the Southwest corner of Justice Park. In Gorcenski's video, you can see two separate groups of Nazis marching down Jefferson Street towards Emancipation Park. The first group includes Christopher Cantwell who Gorcenski acknowledges in her video. Cantwell can be seen at 00:51 seconds in Gorcenski's video. In Duerst's video, he walks down Jefferson Street to 3rd Street, turns left and heads towards Market Street. At Market Street, he turns right and walks down Market Street to Emancipation Park. By the time Duerst reaches Emancipation Park, the Nationalist Front including the League of the South has already had their explosive confrontation with counter-protesters and has taken a position at the top of the stairs in the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park. 

A second video posted by Daniel Duerst begins at the top of the stairs in the Southeast corner of Emancipation Park. Shortly after the video starts rolling, Nationalist Front members rush down the stairs into a violent confrontation with counter-protesters. 

11:06 am: Douglas Walker, the Interim County Executive and Director of Emergency Management signs a Declaration of Local Emergency. Only 14 minutes had elapsed between the arrival of the Nationalist Front and the signing of the Declaration of Local Emergency. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. You still stuck back in August? Everybody else has moved on, man.

  2. Oh, Ms. Ward.... the part of " American Freedom " you miss is the part where criminals are held accountable for their crimes... JUSTICE moves slowly and deliberately to reveal the truth.... the law is moving against those that committed unlawful acts in Charlottesville on August 11/12.... there will be inciting riot charges and violations of civil rights charges that are forthcoming. Your friends are well represented in the jails of Albemarle County .... the unlawful choices they made in August will cast a shadow on their hate and ignorance for the rest of their lives as they ponder what the legal system will do with the remainder of their pitiful existence.... you will see, " Hate has Consequences ".

    1. None of the people at that event are my friends.

      DeStroy, the hater that runs this blog, is not part of the justice system. He''s not even interested in justice. He's interested in feeding his hatred. That's why he's stuck in August. He's milking that event for every drop of hate he can get out of it, to feed his addiction. It's pathetic, actually.

      I suspect you aren't interested in justice, either. -

    2. BTW, ER -- the criminals on the other side likely won't be held accountable. There will be no justice to tell the truth about them.The law is not moving against their unlawful acts. Their rioting, inciting rioting, and violations of other people's civil rights will generate no charges. They will get off scot free. Truth and justice will be casualties of this deliberate oversight. It is one more step in the dismantling of our republic.


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