Citizen Review Board: Unite The Right co-organizer Brad Griffin began communicating with "Patriots" who participated in Unite The Right in June...

Archived Facebook chats show that Unite The Right co-organizer Brad Griffin began chatting with "Patriots" like Ace Baker and Billy Sessions in June of this year. Both men participated in the Unite The Right rally, Baker with American Warrior Revolution and Sessions with "The Hiwaymen". Additionally, Griffin was also chatting up another "Patriot" named Gina Nelms, who had a very public beef with Griffin and the League of the South, just prior to this string of chats.

The chats raise suspicion about whether or not there were efforts by white nationalists to court "Patriot" and militia type groups prior to August 12th, some of whom ultimately came to the Unite The Right rally armed with rifles. Ace Baker was named as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the city of Charlottesville and a host of other Plaintiff's against paramilitary groups in an effort to stop a repeat of August 12th. Read the archived chats below.

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