Spin City: Brad Griffin's half-assed attempt at White Lives Matter damage control...

I honestly can't believe he's still trying to spin the false narrative that the Nazis weren't responsible for the violence on August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia, but yeah, he is. Brad Griffin is the PR Chief for the League of the South, and the organizer of the shitshow on Saturday that ended in the cancelling of the second event, and then later that evening, the alleged assault of an interracial couple. Nice work Brad! Oh yeah, and don't forget, most of the people who came to the rally were Neo-Nazis or Klan. Nice, wholesome folks.

Honestly, I'm super surprised that not a single lawsuit filed against the Nazi co-conspirators in the coordinated effort to bring violence to Charlottesville includes Brad Griffin. Not a single one. How is it that one of the most deeply involved organizers of the event doesn't even make it onto a single lawsuit? But I digress, Griffin is still trying to shift the blame from the Unite The Right organizers to the city of Charlottesville, police, and the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. Nice try, but we remember that video evidence shows that you actually started the violence which led to the shutdown, and according to the Chief of Police, you didn't follow the pre-arranged security plan which was contingent on YOU keeping your distance from counter-protesters by entering the park from the rear as opposed to marching down the middle of Market Street head-on into a confrontation with the opposition. Just stop Brad, this is getting really embarrassing at this point.

Of course, Griffin was proud of how he called the second event in Murfreesboro off, that is, before he changed direction and said Michael Hill did it. 

And who can forget that Griffin admitted that the second event was set up just to fuck with opposition? I'm sure the taxpayers appreciate that!

Well that's good to know. Thanks for that! Don't forget folks, they really didn't care about the stated reason why they were there. This was all just to prove that they weren't responsible for the violence in Charlottesville that we already established they were. 

See how that works? So when the next locality is grappling with how to handle these Nazis, just remember, the entire event is being set up for propaganda and trolling. This is what you're wasting all of your time on. Oh yeah, and by the way, when it's all over, if you don't keep the peace, they're going to blame you for it. Doesn't that just give you the warm and fuzzies?

Restoring the honor!


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