FBI Secret Weapon: Susan Hathaway solves the great Cedar Creek "pipe bomb" caper with inside info that even the authorities and media haven't revealed...

I tell you what folks, that Susan Hathaway, she's a regular old Swiss Army Flagger. Not only is she good at standing by and watching while monuments and flags are removed, she apparently has an inside line to some of today's hottest news stories. Take for instance the great Cedar Creek "pipe bomb" caper. Hathaway has even more details about what happened then the authorities and media do. How does she do it?

Hathaway is quoted in a new article by the Republican Standard, a blog, which I guess is masquerading as a media outfit, out of Richmond, Virginia. 

Wow. Just wow. So lets review. Hathaway is the Republican Standard's source. We don't know how they obtained the quote, but we can't find any other references to it online, so it was either in person, on some sort of private page, or it has already been scrubbed. Hathaway's info apparently came from "a friend" who allegedly got this sensitive and detailed information about the alleged device from an unnamed State Trooper. I'm pretty sure that's how this works. State Trooper's usually do tell people pertinent information like this in an ongoing investigation in which the FBI is involved. Pretty sure that happened. Can you believe the amount of detail they have about the device that the media is only calling a device? The Republican Standard has already figured out that it was ANTIFA who was responsible for this. They proved this was the case just by saying it. Amazing! Hathaway's friend spilled the beans that the device had a mercury switch. Again, amazing. So much detail and inside information. How do they do it? I don't know if the FBI is hiring, but they need to recruit these people stat! Check out these entertaining comments which were posted under the article.

I've sought comment from the Republican Standard, the Virginia Flaggers Susan Hathaway, and the Public Information Officer for the Virginia State Police.

So far, only the Flaggers have responded. 

Restoring the honor!


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