Endangered Souls Racial Club/Crew 519 set to join in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro "White Lives Matter" Nazi rallies on Saturday...

Endangered Souls RC (Racial Club)/519 Crew are set to take part in two upcoming "White Lives Matter" Nazi rallies happening on Saturday in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Although the rallies are designed not to draw attention to Neo-Nazi groups like the National Socialist Movement, even going as far as banning the use of the swastika due to the terrible optics, Neo-Nazis are joining the event in greater numbers. A new updated post on the rallies at Occidental Dissent omits the banning of the swastika as it has caused division amongst the more hardcore Nazis and cucks like Brad Griffin. 

The National Socialist Movement has long been seen as the joke of the Neo-Nazi movement, but efforts by League of the South member Shaun Winkler have apparently been paying off as he has been successful in bringing in more extreme groups such as the Endangered Souls, who say they are not a Motorcycle Club (MC), but instead a Racial Club (RC). 

Shaun Winkler in white.

Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun and Neo-Nazi musician Tracy Cantley.

The Endangered Souls can be easily spotted by their emblem, a black and orange crest featuring the numbers "519" at the top and an Odal and Algiz or "life rune" separated by an axe. Runic symbols are generally fetishized by Nazis due to the Third Reich's historical appropriation of these ancient symbols.

The Endangered Souls appear to be preparing for the rallies online by producing signage which would likely be carried at the rallies including one reading "#FUCK ANTIFA CREW 519".

In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that the Endangered Souls/Crew 519 belonged to a coalition of white supremacist hate groups known as the United Aryan Front.

Later that year, the SPLC reported that the United Aryan Front had apparently already disbanded. Here are a few more images of some of the nice folks who probably don't have criminal records that you may see on Saturday.

Restoring the honor!


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