Citizen Review Board: Text messages released under FOIA show Unite The Right organizers elevating alleged counter-protester "threats" to police before August 12th...

A series of text messages released under Virginia FOIA law show conversations between Captain Wendy Lewis of the Charlottesville Police Department and Unite The Right organizers including Jason Kessler. The messages show that the organizers of the failed rally sent Captain Lewis multiple screenshots of alleged "threats" by counter-protesters. In one text message, dated July 12, 2017, Lewis asks Kessler to, "Send me that post please." Kessler responds with an archive of a post on the ANTIFA of the Seven Hills Facebook page, and advises that Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy posted in the comments under the post.

Looks like Kessler had some "Confederate heritage" helpers on this one.

Lewis adds (apparently in reference to Bellamy's comments), "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! We had probable cause to make the arrest and NO charges will be dropped."

In a message dated August 12, 2017, Kessler excoriates Lewis following the Unite The Right rally writing, "We were counting on Charlottesville police to enforce the security plan we'd agreed on. People are dead and injured because there was a refusal to enforce security as ordered by a federal judge." However, I don't recall any judge ordering security to be enforced. Here is what the judge actually ordered:

Additionally, Chief of Police Al Thomas stated in a press conference that it was Kessler and the Alt-Right who did not stick to the much talked about "security plan" that no one but Kessler and the police have apparently seen, although the Alt-Right has stated that there are audio recordings of the security meetings. No audio has been released to date and there is no evidence that any exists beyond Alt-Right's unproven claim.

Restoring the honor!


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