Citizen Review Board: FOIA release reveals text messages to Unite The Right security leaders...

Text messages released under Virginia FOIA law reveal two of the security personnel for Jason Kessler's Unite The Right rally, Brain Brathovd and Anthony Overway. The messages appear to be between Brathovd and Charlottesville Police Department Captain Wendy Lewis. The messages are dated July 14, 2017, July 16, 2017 and July 20, 2017. Lewis tells Brathovd that she is available 24/7. In a separate text message, Brathovd is referred to as "Unite The Right's highest ranking security". 

Previously, we learned that someone who goes by the alias "Caerulus Rex" was intimately involved with the security for Unite The Right.

Here's Caerulus Rex's Twitter profile image.

Cute. According to Karma Reynoldson, this is Caerulus Rex.

For comparison, here is an image of Brian C. Brathovd. 

Is Brian Christopher Brathovd "Caerulus Rex"? You tell me. Listen to a podcast all about Caerulus Rex's doxing by Karma Reynoldson here.

Restoring the honor!


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