Caerulus Rex confirmed to be Brian Brathovd by Unicorn Riot, Alabama National Guard investigating....

Folks, we told you last week that the evidence was pointing towards confirming that Alt-Right personality "Caerulus Rex", who played an instrumental role in organizing security for the Unite The Right rally, was an Alabamian named Brian Brathovd. Unicorn Riot put the final nail in the coffin yesterday with a new expose on Brathovd. Brathovd recorded a new podcast in which he did not refute any of Unicorn Riot's claims. Brathovd reveals in the podcast that he is starting a private security firm, and that Richard Spencer is a client. Brathovd reveals in the podcast that he has also been in contact with police coordinating tomorrow's appearance by Richard Spencer at the University of Florida.

Unicorn Riot has also contacted the Alabama National Guard, who confirmed that Brathovd is a National Guard member. The National Guard has apparently launched an investigation into Brathovd's associations within the white power movement which it says is strictly forbidden by military law.

We will update you on the National Guard investigation into Brathovd as new information becomes available. 

Restoring the honor!


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