Virginia flagger Jason Sulser accepts plea deal on child porn charges...

This will hopefully close the book on this piece of shit for the next 20 years or so. Via

"A Stafford County man accepted a plea agreement Wednesday that guarantees an active prison sentence of at least 107 fewer years than a jury had recommended earlier this year.
Jason Charles Sulser, 41, pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court to 16 felony counts of possessing child pornography and reproducing child pornography. Numerous other charges were dropped.
As part of an agreement worked out by Sulser’s attorneys and prosecutor Ryan Frank, Sulser will receive an active sentence of between five and 20 years when he is sentenced Jan. 22.
A jury in March found Sulser guilty of 45 child pornography-related charges and suggested a 127-year prison sentence. But before Sulser was formally sentence, Judge Victoria Willis threw out the convictions after agreeing with defense attorney Price Koch that she erred in allowing jurors to hear a voicemail in which Sulser discussed instructing a child how to perform a sex act.
The judge said the voicemail had nothing to do with the charges against Sulser and was overly prejudicial.
The decision opened the door for Sulser to be tried for the third time. His first trial ended in a mistrial when it was discovered that someone was relaying information from the trial to witnesses who were waiting to testify."

(Note: Jason Sulser is a flagger from the State of Virginia. Therefore, he is a Virginia flagger. No, not that kind, but close enough.)

Restoring the honor!


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