University of Virginia releases preliminary report and timeline on August 11th Nazi march...

A working group empaneled by the University of Virginia to investigate the August 11th response by officials and police to a Neo-Nazi tiki-torch march across campus has released a preliminary report and timeline of events. Emails released via a FOIA request showed that the University was aware of the tiki-torch march at least as early as 3:23 pm on August 11th, nearly six hours prior to the Nazi march. Despite advanced warning, the University failed to take precautions to avoid the violence that later broke out when Nazis attacked a group of students and anti-racists who had surrounded the Thomas Jefferson statue adjacent to the Rotunda.

UVAPDAug12Timeline.pdf by Robert Lee on Scribd

Observations and Improvements UVA Response by Robert Lee on Scribd

Restoring the honor!


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