Unicorn Riot video shows that the Nationalist Front, led by the LOSers started the violence in Charlottesville while Jason Kessler's video edits it out...

UniteThe Right organizer and walking piece of shit Jason Kessler posted a You Tube video last week which shows the Nationalist Front approaching Emancipation Park. Kessler's video conveniently leaves out the part where the LOSers charge head-on into a crowd of anti-fascist counter-protesters. (Note: Kessler claims this is not his video.)

Luckily, Unicorn Riot has a great video revealing the truth about who started the violence on August 12th. It wasn't the counter-protesters who were standing peacefully and legally across a closed portion of Market Street.

The LOSers started the violence on August 12th beginning with these assaults. The LOSers and the rest of the Nationalist Front are responsible for shutting down the event, not the counter-protesters. There was little to no violence before these agitators arrived.

Counter-Protesters. Not being violent. They would have to defend themselves from a violent LOSer attack in seconds.

LOSers, running full speed ahead into peaceful counter-protesters.

We had previously posted a different angle of video which also shows the LOSers starting the violence that ultimately led to the rally being completely shut down before it was even scheduled to begin. Here are some screen grabs from the Unicorn Riot video identifying some of the key LOSer players responsible for instigating the violence.

Ryan King, LOSer.

Spencer Borum, chairman, Kentucky Chapter of the League of the South.

Michael Tubbs, Chairman, Florida Chapter of the League of the South/LOSer Chief of Staff.

And here's a better shot of Tubbs and Borum from the front.

Michael Tubbs and Spencer Borum begin the Unite The Right shut down.

Restoring the honor!


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