The Monument Avenue Preservation Group is just the Virginia Flaggers incognito...

A new "heritage defense" group sprung up out of the blue recently called the "Monument Avenue Preservation Group". The group has no online or real world presence besides a Facebook page which has no contact details or leadership information. Lets be honest about this, this is a Virginia Flaggers front group. I'm telling you folks, this is the Virginia Flaggers. If anyone has any proof that it isn't the Virginia Flaggers, please present it, that includes the Virginia Flaggers. It's gotta be the Flaggers. Think about it. It's why Susan Hathaway was giving away stickers that oddly resemble the group this weekend, and it's also why Judy Smith is taking photos of the Flaggers in Richmond with signs that also weirdly resemble the group, because IT IS the Flaggers. Now folks, why on earth would they be creating new umbrella groups but not disclosing that it's them? Because their brand is steadily failing. They have accomplished nothing this year. They are getting maxed out financially on what they can handle hate flag wise, which is why Susan is on a world tour trying to encourage other "heritage" groups around the country to follow the hate flag model that they've been plugging away at for the last several years. Here's the problem. They only have so many followers, and once you get to a certain number of hate flags, there is a shit ton of upkeep required. They have to maintain the sites, repair and replace worn hate flags, potentially pay electricity for the lighting. It's a costly venture. This is why they have slowed down their installations to basically a stand-still, because they don't have the funds to keep up the pace. And don't forget folks, other "heritage" groups are now starting to distance themselves (before claiming that it's a lie) from the Flaggers because of their racist associations, like the Randall's (a family of white nationalists). The Flaggers have become a total embarrassment to the "heritage" community, and it's making the Flaggers really, really angry. They're even lashing out at journalists because they're so butthurt over their nose-diving public image. 

Folks, just wait until one of those journalists starts asking questions about, and investigating where all of the money comes from for them to do this huge Roadside Battle Flag project. That's going to be a total popcorn moment. I'm quite sure they are going to be super interested in finding out how much the Flaggers are paying in taxes, I mean, that's assuming that the corporation known as the Virginia Flaggers is paying taxes. 

Personally, I'm pretty sure that they are paying a fortune in taxes from all of the merchandise that they sell in the Commonwealth. I wouldn't be surprised if it's into the mega-thousands once you consider how much they're spending on the Battle Flag project. I'm really shocked that no journalist has ever looked into that. (HINT, HINT)

Restoring the honor!


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