Ruptly video shows female counter-protester attacked by multiple LOSers and pepper sprayed directly in the eyes moments after being punched by Spencer Borum...

Folks, this video published by Ruptly shows multiple male League of the South members assaulting a female counter-protester moments after she was first punched by Spencer Borum. The video also shows the counter-protester being pepper sprayed directly in the eyes.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Looks like several people are being pepper sprayed. What's happening at about 0:20-0:27?
    Is that one of those "innocent" antifa people?

    1. You're forgetting that the counter-protesters actions are defensive because of Borum and the rest of the LOSers initial charge on them. This is happening seconds after that. The aggressors were the Nationalist Front. Period. They shut their own rally down because they didn't try to avoid violence despite falsely claiming that they did.


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