Meet the "Danville Unit", featuring 2 white nationalist LOSers...

Folks, allow me to introduce you to the "Danville Unit". 

The "Danville Unit".

George Randall with the Danville Unit.

Jessica Reavis with the Danville Unit.

Up to this point, the Flaggers have been really good at hiding the fact that they have white nationalists in their ranks, but this photo gallery posted by Christina Stump Gibson (Link 2) reveals that the newish Danville Unit includes George Randall and Jessica Reavis, both League of the South members who attended the Unite The Right Nazi rally. See for yourself.

Jessica Reavis and George Randall at Unite The Right. George is carrying a LOSer flag.

Jessica Reavis at Unite The Right. Jessica is carrying a LOSer flag.

George Randall at Unite The Right.

Restoring the honor!


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