Loose Lips Sink Ships: Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley aren't on the same page...

Unite The Right organizers Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley apparently aren't seeing eye to eye on everything. Kessler has started a new blog, and on his first post, he's coming out of the gate contradicting Mosley about the tiki torch march held at the University of Virginia on August 11th. According to Kessler, no one was really sure what was going on with the torch march until the very last minute. It was all up in the air. Sure bud. We believe you. But will a judge and jury?

Kessler continues:

But according to Eli Mosley, who was captured on leaked audio published by Unicorn Riot of a pre-rally conference call, the plan was already set to have the torch march starting at 9:30 pm. The conference call was recorded on August 10th, one day before Kessler claims they had no idea what was going on with it. At no point does Mosley give any impression that there is any uncertainty about the torch march. Mosley is literally telling everyone that it IS happening, and what the plan is.

(Skip to 25:17)

Eli Mosley: “Umm, ok. So the torchlight rally. The torchlight rally is going to be Friday night, and it’s gonna be at the Jefferson Monument near UVA. And we’re gonna be doing it at nighttime. Nighttime starts at 9:47, at night, so we’ll essentially have to do it pretty late. We’re going to be meeting at 9:30 at Nameless Field, it’s called in Charlottesville. So if you like go onto Google Maps, and you look up the Jefferson Monument in that area, you’ll see right next to it is something called Nameless Field. You should just, basically, that’s where we’re meeting. There’s parking all over the place. You might have to walk a little far, but there’s parking all over, and essentially park there, and be at the field no earlier than 9:30. So like, if you show up too early, it’s going to alert them. Like I said. They’re going to think anyone who’s white is one of us. So, if a bunch of white people start meeting at some, little, you know, open field area, like that’s, not a, you know, that’s not a good idea. So essentially what we’re going to do is at 9:30 everyone start meeting there, and a 10 o’clock, so right after it turns dark, we are going to march from that field, or from that area to the monument. We are going to have a speech, some speech given. There’s gonna be some chants, and then we’re going to sing ‘Dixie’, and then we’re going to put out our torches and march back to Nameless Field together, then everyone will leave in teams back to their cars. It’s extremely important that, and nobody mention this outside of our circle. So, like don’t Tweet out, “Oh, on my way to the torchlight rally”, or whatever. Ah, basically, we know that the Liberals think we’re going to do this Saturday night after the rally, so we’re basically doing it the night before instead, to try to, to basically, you know, trick them or whatever, or you know, keep them from basically doing what they’re going to do, and also, the reason we’re doing the Jefferson one is because they have said that that’s the kind of the next one they’ll wanna go after which is totally foolish, and it kind of shows that it really is about, the reason they want to take these down is anti-white thing.”

Unicorn Riot also published an Operational Document, allegedly created by Mosley, which is directly in-line with the conference call. I have no reason to doubt it is authentic, but I have every reason to believe that it proves Jason must be saying crazy shit on Ambien and alcohol again.

The hilarious thing about this is, Kessler is on the conference call on August 10th. So Kessler knows this is bullshit. This is what happens when you continue to evolve your story after the fact. The major problem here is that these guys are probably going to be facing multiple economically crippling civil lawsuits if not criminal prosecution for conspiracy. By all means though guys, keep talking. The more you talk, the better.

Restoring the honor! 


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