Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler says there was a conspiracy to violate his civil rights, claims Unite The Right started at 10 am and police weren't aware of start time...

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien. Kessler says that there was a conspiracy to violate his civil rights, although he offers no proof to back up his claim. Kessler goes on to claim that the Unite The Right rally was scheduled to start at 10 am, and he adds that police were totally unaware of the 10 am start time.

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Robyn Semien: “So, like, what, you organized the rally. What’s your take on the rally?”
Jason Kessler: “Ahh, that’s too broad. Can you be more specific?”
Robyn Semien: “Just like, you had this thing in mind. You organized it for months, I think? For months, right?”
Jason Kessler: “Yeah. Yeah, two months.”
Robyn Semien: “And umm, and like, like, it didn’t really happen. Not what you had in mind, right?”
Jason Kessler: “No, I mean, there was a conspiracy to violate my civil rights, and the civil rights of all the other speakers. That’s why it didn’t take place. And for that, I’m very sad. I was excited to speak to people. People had come from all over the country. They’d come from Michigan. They’d come from California. We had people from Europe. We had people from Canada. I mean, it was just an astounding number of people, and the people who were at the torchlit march the night before were only a fraction of those people. A lot of people never even got the opportunity to enter the park, and it’s a shame, I mean, the police and the government were so woefully unprepared for this thing, and uneducated about it, that they didn’t even know what time the permit started. The permit was supposed to start at 10 am, and I was there talking to the State Police, and they were like “Well, you guys shouldn’t be in here. You’re not allowed into the speaking area, because it doesn’t start until 12.” “Ahh, excuse me? Could you please go back and look at the documents that were filed with the Federal government?” We originally had it for 12, but then it was changed, and that, that’s all been documented with Parks and Recreations. It was supposed to start at 10 am, ahh, the police didn’t even know that.” 

Folks, we told you before that buried in Kessler's Federal complaint against the city of Charlottesville was a copy of an updated permit application which had the start time of 12 pm scratched out, and 10 am written above it with Jason Kessler's initials. The city of Charlottesville has not confirmed that they agreed to, or even knew about this alleged change in the start time of the rally. By all indications, the rally was supposed to start at 12 pm. The only place I've even heard this claim, is from Kessler and the Alt-Right. Charlottesville Communications Director Miriam Dickler told the Daily Progress that Kessler did update his permit application, but the city has failed to respond to a FOIA request for a copy of said updated permit application. Additionally, Dickler never mentioned a change in the start time, only the addition of things like portable toilets.

At this time, there is zero evidence that any such updated permit application exists or that the city of Charlottesville ever recognized the start time as being anything other than 12 pm. Now folks, Jason says that all of this has been documented with the Parks and Recreations Department. Lets check.

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