Jason Kessler publicly accuses Lieutenant Tabler of the UVA Police Department of lying...

Jason Kessler has posted audio to his Soundcloud account, of a phone call between himself and jailed Nazi trash, Christopher Cantwell. In the recording, Kessler names a University of Virginia Police Department officer, and accuses her of lying to the Nazis.

(Skip to 4:28)

"And UVA in particular is in your case. People, like, if people want to sue UVA it's going to be a lot easier than suing the city of Charlottesville. It's just a smaller organization. So people need to know that Lieutenant Tabler admitted that she was the one we talked to and Chris is the one who asked for us to call the police so it would be a peaceful event, and they didn't follow through. Lieutenant Tabler lied to us."

More on the conversation between Kessler and Cantwell at Angry White Men.

Restoring the honor!


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