Jason Kessler ponders how to get "normie" Confederates into the white power camp post Cville...

White Nationalist Jason Kessler has recorded a new podcast with Christopher Cantwell (who is currently incarcerated in the Albemarle Regional Jail), in which the two briefly discuss how best to coax "Confederate heritage" groups into throwing in with the white power movement.:

(Skip to 2:54)
"Yeah, we've gotta figure out a way to get these normie Confederate supporters on board with what we're doing. They, I mean, obviously, it was made harder by all the media blackmail and propaganda against our rally. But there's a group of like 50 Confederates who are supposed to go down this weekend on Saturday to protest any removal of the statue, but from what I gather, no one in my circles knows who the hell they are, and there's a lot of these groups out there that just need to be working together. That's, that's the test of a popular movement, is you have to find some way to get that broad base of support."

Restoring the honor! 


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