Jason Kessler is playing games with UVA Police Lieutenant Tabler...

It's kind of surprising that the police still haven't figured out what kind of a dirt ball they are dealing with in Jason Kessler. This dude is at the very bottom of the pond scum. He's a proven liar, and yet they give him the benefit of the doubt. Every. Single. Time. Hey police. Here's a pro-tip for you. This was all a set-up so that the Alt-Right could sue you for "Civil Rights violations". You fell for it. And you're still fucking falling for it. How dumb can you be? Kessler posted audio of a undated conversation between himself, and Lieutenant Tabler, of the University of Virginia Police Department on his Soundcloud account. We're able to determine that the conversation occurred sometime after August 12th. Kessler claims that UVA Police were allegedly supposed to restrain Nazi opposition, while Lieutenant Tabler claims that the UVA Police Department did exactly what they were supposed to do. I'm sure we will find out who is lying and who is telling the truth when this makes it's way to a courtroom. There's no doubt in my mind that the Alt-Right is willing and ready to lie under oath.

Jason Kessler: "Hello?" 
Lieutenant Tabler: "Hello, this is Lieutenant Tabler." 
Jason Kessler: "Ah, hi, Lieutenant Tabler. Yeah, I was just calling to figure out some of these numbers that were on my call list from August 11th, the night that we were doing the march. I’m starting to piece this together. It looks like I spoke to you at this number at 7:46pm." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "Ok, here’s what, here’s what, here’s what, listen Sir, listen what I’m telling you Sir. I did not, if this is Jason Kessler, if you’re who you say you are, I did not speak to you on that night. I spoke with an individual who claimed to be your security person. I did not speak to you. Ok? So yes, somebody called my number, and I called somebody’s number and we spoke throughout the night, but I did not speak with you. I spoke with your security person. (Unitelligible)" 
Jason Kessler: "Well it’s true that I did pass off the phone to my security person because I’m not an expert on that stuff, and so I wasn’t privy to that information. What did you tell him, because he told me that you guys said that you were going to monitor the situation, and remove the protesters, or at the very least keep us separated." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "No. Ok. Here’s what I’m going to tell you, here’s, no, no, no, no, no, no. Here’s what I’m going to tell you. First of all, first of all, it was not clear that, first of all he was letting me know that he wasn’t sure they were going to be on Nameless Field, that it was a possibility. Later we spoke, and I’m gonna tell you what I told him, that any group has a right to assemble, and they have a right to free speech, ok? We would not have been able to remove the other group because they have just the same right that you do, ok? So, what we relayed to him, what transpired between he and I was, "Thank you for letting us know, we will monitor the situation", which is what occurred, "however we could not remove anyone from that area because", and he didn’t let me know at that time, he didn’t let me know at that time there were actually, definitely going to be any protesters there. "we monitored it, we intervened when we had to", so I’m just telling you what our conversation was. Then we talked later, we talked later where he let me know something about individuals tires being cut, I talked to him about drones, that they couldn’t have the drones, I talked to him about his route change, because he told me they were going from Nameless Field straight up University Avenue to the Rotunda. I called him later and said, "Hey, you changed your route." Because the whole route was different from what he told me it was going to be. That’s all I can offer you right now." 
Jason Kessler: “Well the issue wasn’t the route, we never had any conflict on the route, the issue was that we march to the Rotunda, and there were protesters waiting there for us. That was the combustible element that we called to get police assistance on, is like, of course you’ve gotta operate within the Constitution"
Lieutenant Tabler: "That's right." 
Jason Kessler: "But we at least needed police presence there to keep these people from attacking us." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "Sir, sir, sir, I’m gonna tell you this, ok? Whoever I’m speaking with, I’m gonna tell you this, ok? We did exactly what we were supposed to do, and that’s all I’m going to tell you. We monitored it, we intervened when necessary. Everybody has a right to assemble. Everybody has a right to free speech. And so I’m not going to, listen to me, listen to me, I’m not going to discuss this with you any further. We did exactly what we were supposed to do, if you have any other questions, I’m going to refer you to our attorney. Ok? So I’m going to hang up now, I don’t want to be rude to you." 
Jason Kessler: "Well the issue is that people need to be separated from one another, not that they can’t assemble an speak, but the police have a responsibility to keep the peace between people." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "Hold on, no, no, no, no, no, no, listen to me, listen to me, listen to me, listen to me. First of all, first of all we, first of all, first of all, we did not know that this was even going to take place. Nobody let us know until late evening that this was going to take place, ok? We did, we monitored it, and we did what we were supposed to do. I’m not going to answer anymore questions. I don’t want to (unintelligible) I’m getting ready, I’m getting ready for another event."
Jason Kessler: "Well no one was there. The main thing was that we needed people to show up at the Rotunda just to keep the counter-demonstrators separate from us so that there would be peace. That’s the basic thing that we needed from y’all." 

As you can tell from this email sent at 3:23 pm, the UVA Police did not know until late evening on August 11th.

Lieutenant Tabler: "Listen to me. Like I said, we had no idea this was going to take place until late in the evening, when I initiated a phonecall. So we had no idea this was going to take place. We did what we needed to do." 
Jason Kessler: "I contacted Captain Lewis and Captain Mitchell." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "You know what? Captain Lewis and Captain Mitchell. Captain Lewis and Captain Mitchell work for CPD. They work for the city." 
Jason Kessler: "I know, I contacted them to get a contact at UVA, and you were the contact that was provided." 
Lieutenant Tabler: "But you didn’t call me, I initiated the phonecall, you didn’t call me." 
Jason Kessler: "Well because I was calling the Charlottesville Police Department, and I was calling others to get someone from UVA Police Department to call me. I was requesting you to call me."  
Lieutenant Tabler: "Listen. Well nobody, nobody intstructed me to call you, I called on my own. We did what we needed to do. We did not violate anybody’s Constitutional rights. I’m getting ready for another event right now. If you’re in fact Mr. Kessler, I’m getting ready for another event right now, I don’t want to be rude and hang up on you, but I’m not going to answer anymore of your questions. I’ve already answered everything to the best of my ability, so I want you to have a nice day." 
Jason Kessler: "Ok. Thank you for your time.Thank you for your time."

Jason Kessler has clarified that the security person mentioned above who allegedly spoke to Lieutenant Tabler is Elliott Kline, otherwise known as Eli Mosley, the new head of Identity Evropa.

Jason Kessler: “That’s the way Eli is man. He turned on me. He, and Spencer, and those people disavowed me because I made an edgy observation about that car accident on Twitter, and I mean, he just doesn’t share information. He’s fucking terrible, like, and I had a conversation with Lieutenant Tabler yesterday that I recorded, and she was basically saying that Eli was bullshitting, like, ‘cause I called them and I said, like, “Look, we need police assistance on the march. We need to have you guys keep the peace”, but then I handed the phone off to Eli to handle the actual implementation of that, because he was the security guy. I didn’t handle security, and after he was off the phone he said that the police said that they were going to remove the protesters, and so forth. Ah, well, what Lieutenant Tabler says, is that she never said that. You know? That, it would not be Constitutional for them to remove those people and that sounds about right to me. I mean, it doesn’t seem reasonable that the police would not show up. The police should have been there to keep the peace, because that’s what we requested. And I’ve looked over FOIA documents, like there were students, there were UVA faculty who are also requesting UVA Police to intervene and they just didn’t do it, they didn’t do their jobs. So it’s a little bit half and half, but like, I think that, that information that he gave us about, you know, “They’re going to remove the protesters from the area”, was not correct. I think maybe he got a little bit…”  

Restoring the honor!


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