Jason Kessler claims Deandre Harris to be arrested this week, says he's going to "sue the shit out of the city of Charlottesville, and all of the people who conspired against us..."

Jason Kessler has recorded another one of his podcasts with Christopher Cantwell, live and direct from jail in which the two discuss the alleged impending arrest of Deandre Harris and Jason's efforts to sue the city of Charlottesville, amongst other things. Note: This is a rush transcript. Please snd any corrections to rblee22468@gmail.com.

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Jason Kessler: “The news I heard reporting was just that they put you guys together, people who were arrested from the protest, but I’m assuming it’s only people from our side that are together, right? They’re not putting any Leftists in there with you guys, right?”
Christopher Cantwell: “I don’t think they got… Do you know if they have any Leftists in custody? I mean I know they arrested the people who assaulted you, but I’m figuring that they made bail already. No?”
Jason Kessler: “I haven’t heard anything about that but I think this, uhh, what’s his name? Ahh, Deandre Harris is probably going to be in the clink within a week, and that guy’s such a piece of shit.”

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Christopher Cantwell: “GoyFundMe.com, the 1433 rescue fund, that’s how you help get me out of this, this uhh, terrible predicament here, so I can get back to saving our race and nation ladies and gentlemen. And, I’m gonna tell you what, it’s money well spent, because I do think, I have every reason to expect that I will be vindicated of these false allegations, because one of the things you can look forward to folks, is I am going to be releasing a video pretty soon, I think. I hesitated to do this, because, on the advice of my attorney, but we’ve got video from our enemies, that our enemies were livestreaming the night of this brawl that happened at UVA, Friday night, on the 11th, and this is when I’m accused of pepper spraying Emily Gorcenski and Christopher Goad, and ahh, you have there’s a video, right now, that ahh, we found two videos. One, you can see where I am not fighting, where Christopher Goad, I’m sorry, the guy who, everybody’s probably seen, there’s a picture of me pepper spraying a guy. That guy is not the guy who I am accused of pepper spraying. There’s, in that picture you see a guy in a denim outfit off to the left, and he is accusing me of pepper spraying him. Now, you can see me, I’m not fighting anybody in that video. The guy who I am pepper spraying is fighting with another guy. That guy, he was wearing a wife beater, you can see him bleeding out of his head in the background of that picture that I mentioned. And after they stopped their fighting, wife beater guy backs off, and then guy with the hat on comes to attack me and I pepper spray him. After that happens, our line comes in, and, you know? All hell breaks loose, and I rush over, there’s a pile of guys on top of somebody, and I start hitting people there, and then, I go around there. And now there’s a second video where you can see me come around, I uhh, I haven’t seen these videos yet, by the way, I’m being told of this from here, so this is a description of what I’m seeing, umm, where I go and I hit another guy who’s kicking somebody, and then I go and I tackle somebody else, and you can see me get pepper sprayed. So it goes from the time that I’m a non-combatant to the point that I’m taken out of the fight, getting sprayed, and you see Emily Gorcenski and Christopher Goad are standing on the sidelines not having been pepper sprayed. So, I’m a non-combatant. I spray. I fight. I’m out of the fight. I haven’t pepper sprayed these two, so… That video, you can keep any eye out for that at Christophercantwell.com, and, you know? If there’s any justice left in this city, then I should be out of here sooner than later, but it’s still an expensive thing, we’ve gotta, you know? If I have to go to a jury trial, which is a very possible thing, that $25,000 I’m trying to raise, is not even going to be a drop in the bucket. This is just to pay my attorney for, you know? This particular incident and to make sure that my life doesn’t go to hell while I’m in here.”
Jason Kessler: “Yeah, and I think that we’re going to be watching very closely what happens with the Deandre Harris case because we’re going to see, probably within a week, whether they’re going to grant this guy bond. You know? They’ve denied bond to everybody. To Cantwell. To Borden. To Ramos, again, and again, and again. So then, uhh, Mr. Dindunuffin’ himself goes before the judge, if they grant him bond, then all of you guys and your lawyers need to raise holy hell.”
Christopher Cantwell: “Is Harris from out of state or is he a resident?”
Jason Kessler: “He is a resident, that is the difference, a little bit.”
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah.”
Jason Kessler: “But the nature of the crime is not substantially different. I mean, the injuries that uhh, I mean, first of all. I know you can’t comment on this too much, but your, quote, “victims” injuries are non-existent because they weren’t injured, Deandre Harris’ victim had his skull cracked open, so, Deandre Harris needs to be held to the same standard as you guys are, and if they let him off without bond, then they should hold you to his standard.”

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Jason Kessler: “And ahh, one other thing that I’d like to bring up that should be interesting is, I think that, you know? Because the pendulum swung so hard against us with the media perception of August 12th, and so forth, the Left really was granted more of a victory than they were due, and things are about to swing back very hard against these people, not only with people like Deandre Harris, who are finally going to face the music for what they did on that day to attack innocent people, but umm, also, it seems, and I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch too much, but I have found some legal representation. So if people out there have been injured due to the stand down order, by ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter, you know? They need to get in touch, because we are going to sue the shit out of the city of Charlottesville, and all of the people who conspired against us.”

Here is Deandre Harris' "alleged victim", LOSer Harold Ray Crews.

Restoring the honor!


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