Infight The Right: Virginia Flaggers barred from RVA rally for racist associations...

Tara Brandau (Center) looking bafoonish. 

According to a new article posted by RVA Mag, Tara Brandau and the CSA II: New Confederate States of America have barred the Virginia Flaggers due to their associations with racists. The Flaggers have now become toxic. This will not be the last time they are shunned. Trust me.

"Infiltrated" makes it sound as though their is happening against their will. That's hilarious! Folks, it's going to start becoming apparent to the Flaggers braindead following pretty quickly what a scam they are. As they see the Flaggers stand down, they will withdraw their support, and thus will be the death knell of the Virginia Flaggers. 

Restoring the honor!


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