Infight The Right: Are Christopher Cantwell and Jason Kessler backstabbing buddyfuckers?

Jason Kessler and Christopher Cantwell have recorded yet another podcast. This time, the ambiguously Fed agent duo are thrusting the knives into everyone in the Alt-Right's backs, mainly Eli Mosley though, who they single out multiple times in this wide-ranging audio shit-show.

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Christopher Cantwell: “So how’s everything else going on your end?”  
Jason Kessler: “Ah, interesting, you know? I’m investigating a lot of different things. I’ve been looking into your case a lot. I mean, frankly, there’s just a lot of fucking lazy people in this movement, I’m sorry to say. Like, they just want to share memes, they don’t want to do any fucking work, and I’m here, like trying to investigate everything that happened in Charlottesville, putting in FOIA’s, I’m compiling a dossier on the people who filed charges against you, and it is, as you say, that they are agitators clearly. I mean, this (Name redacted) person was putting out tweets, like stalking you the night, the day of August 11th, like saying that it was our intel that allowed us to find Cantwell in the Wal Mart parking lot, and then the torch lit rally, so this person had it in for you. And this (Name redacted) individual. There’s multiple videos of this person showing a violent temper. This individual has like gone on extreme rants, like prone to fits of rage, that would show this individual to be a threatening person, in a, to a reasonable person, they would fear for their safety.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah, well, when I pepper sprayed the other guy, like him and (Name redacted) were both coming at me at the same fucking time, and it was like, as soon as I pepper sprayed the guy with, I mean, we’re calling him “Beanie man” now, I guess, because he had the hat on, when I pepper sprayed him, you know, I fucking, (Name redacted) turned in the other direction. He was about to attack me, thinking he was going to get me from the side, or whatever. You know? And, you know? I ended up not needing to pepper spray him, because he just got out of my way. And then somebody else did.”  
Jason Kessler: “Well he’s the one who charged you, right? (Name redacted)?”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Well exactly.” So, I got all confused, right? Because I have no idea like what the hell all these people are, right? I know there’s a photo of me pepper spraying a guy. I remember pepper spraying one guy. So when I see (Name redacted), you know, accusing me of pepper spraying him, I’m assuming that (Name redacted) is the guy I pepper sprayed, right?”  
Jason Kessler: “Yeah.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “And then I find out later on, no, he is this guy in the friggin’ denim outfit, who’s coming at me from the side, right? And so, and there’s, and I, we didn’t find video of the pepper, of the angle of the pepper spraying, and you can see me pepper spraying the one guy, and then jumping off and going and fighting with other people with my fists, and I never sprayed (Name redacted).”  
Jason Kessler: “So your charges have nothing to do with the guy that you pepper sprayed in that famous picture. That guy did not press charges?”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Exactly, or at least not yet. (Unintelligible)”  
Jason Kessler: “Wow. And clearly you can see that the two individuals who did press charges against you were like, they didn’t seem like victims after the fact. Their social media posts that I’ve saved and screenshot, show them celebrating, you know? Like, the (Name redacted) had a checklist, and it showed Christopher Cantwell crossed off, and they’re jubilant about your supposed downfall, you know? And this (Name redacted) guy was just posting about you and your case the other night, you know? Making jokes about it, so these people are not victims, they targeted you and are using the legal system to harass you.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Be sure and screen cap all of their posts especially those… (Unintelligible)”  
Jason Kessler: “I am dude, and I’m pretty much the only fucking one doing it. God dammnit. Like, people need to like get with the program. Like, I mean, maybe there’s some other people who are doing it, but like I’m the only one who’s got a (Discord) server up, that is saving this stuff, that is screenshotting it. Not just with your case, but with other cases.”  
(Audio cuts out for a second due to it being a jailhouse phonecall and then cuts back in)  
Christopher Cantwell: “Whatever, that would be very helpful.”

(Skip to 3:58) 

Jason Kessler: “I mean look, there’s a reason why, you know, all these disparate groups were not able to organize together into something as big as Unite The Right before I became involved, because everybody’s just talking like, “Oh, isn’t it a shame about Cantwell?”, or, “Oh, isn’t it a shame about that?”, Ok, do something. Start researching these people, you know? Start compiling evidence. Start taking acton. That’s the important thing that needs to be done. If we just had a few more people that would be organized. And if we can get any on board with the project I’ve already got, working on this stuff, you know, that could be helpful.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Well, you know what it is, it’s like, it is a thing of organizing, is what it is. Ok? And it’s unfortunate that we’re all in shambles right now, because there are people that are willing to do things, right? Like, people are sending me money, right? You are both pouring over these guys social media and stuff. I know that, I know that Eli (Kline aka Mosley) is doing stuff. Eli says that he has people who are sort of doing stuff like this, but unfortunately, the son of a bitch won’t pick up the phone every time I’ve tried to call him, and I’m like, and, you know, trying to get him to talk to (Unintelligible), because he’s doing this stuff for his civil case, or whatever, and I’m like, “Yeah, well, I’m sorry. I’m facing 60 years in prison. I’ve gotta be the priority”, but, you know, not everyone see’s it that way, because there’s potentially a millions of dollars on the line, right?  
Jason Kessler: “That’s the way Eli is man. He turned on me. He, and Spencer, and those people disavowed me because I made an edgy observation about that car accident on Twitter, and I mean, he just doesn’t share information. He’s fucking terrible, like, and I had a conversation with Lieutenant Tabler yesterday that I recorded, and she was basically saying that Eli was bullshitting, like, ‘cause I called them and I said, like, “Look, we need police assistance on the march. We need to have you guys keep the peace”, but then I handed the phone off to Eli to handle the actual implementation of that, because he was the security guy. I didn’t handle security, and after he was off the phone he said that the police said that they were going to remove the protesters, and so forth. Ah, well, what Lieutenant Tabler says, is that she never said that. You know? That, it would not be Constitutional for them to remove those people and that sounds about right to me. I mean, it doesn’t seem reasonable that the police would not show up. The police should have been there to keep the peace, because that’s what we requested. And I’ve looked over FOIA documents, like there were students, there were UVA faculty who are also requesting UVA Police to intervene and they just didn’t do it, they didn’t do their jobs. So it’s a little bit half and half, but like, I think that, that information that he gave us about, you know, “They’re going to remove the protesters from the area”, was not correct. I think maybe he got a little bit…”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Have you spoken to a Sergeant Acor?”  
Jason Kessler: “No.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Try to do that. Sergeant Acor, A-C-O-R, at the UVA Police. Tr to get, try to have a conversation with him. He came to visit me, and like, you know, he wanted information, right? So, you know, maybe he’s just blowing smoke up my ass to keep me talking and it worked, but it seemed to me that it was not lost on him that something went very wrong there, shall we say. So, maybe he’s somebody worth having a conversation with.”  
Jason Kessler: “Who has the video from your body cam, who shows that you were the one who requested the police assistance because you wanted to keep the peace?” 
Christopher Cantwell: “There is, there’s a few copies of it. I will have. I had Azzmador (Robert Ray of The Daily Stormer) have someone blur out all the faces, so maybe I can have him get a copy of it over to you. He’s got a digital copy. I’ve got a copy, and I have an un-edited copy that I’ll hand to my lawyer right now, but I can probably, I’m thinking if you’re telling me, that this Lieutenant is telling you they never made this promise, and Eli told us that they did make this promise, that’s a pretty big discrepancy, and so maybe I’ll get, I’ll have Azzmador get that video over to you.”  
Jason Kessler: “Ok. Yeah, that would be important to have.”

(Skip to 13:43) 

Jason Kessler: “Martin Luther King was all for basically the multiculturalism, you know? Mono-culture, destruction of all nationalism, all race, whatever. Like, that’s sort of the final position of where his philosophy would go, and he’s held up as this martyr, but he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if he didn’t have all these attorney’s willing to take the moments when he was oppressed, let’s say, by the local governments and turn those into legal victories. So we’re in a situation where we were oppressed by a local government, but yet we don’t have attorney’s willing to step forward and defend us, the way that attorney’s were willing to defend Martin Luther King.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Well, I’ll tell you what. I mean, look, if we can, we will have attorney’s ready to defend us as soon as we put up a bunch of money. Right? That’s what it is. You know? And I imagine, you know, I’m kinda like annoyed that I haven’t been able to get in touch with Eli, and it sounds to me like they’re shutting you out too, you know, these guys, I picture them as trying to be the spearhead of whatever civil suit comes forward, and if they’re not going to be cooperative with the guy who’s facing 60 years in prison, then you can imagine that I will show up as a competitor to that effort.”  
Jason Kessler: “They’re not being cooperative with anybody man.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah. And that’s unfortunate, because I didn’t want to compete with them for fucking anything, right? Like, I want us to all be cooperative, it’s really the whole point of being a movement, but, you know, I, I’m going to be throwing around a bunch of subpoena’s and digging up a bunch of information to save my goddamn life, and you can better believe that I’m going to try and get a couple of bucks out of this thing before I’m done too. You know? And, that’ll be something that happens, right? I mean, it seems to me there are, there is, there is a few bucks flying around in this movement, shall we say, right? And ah, when there’s a bounty, somebody will come and claim it. Now, my attorney is not just a criminal defense attorney. He was, he could do civil suits too, and you know, I imagine that, you know, I’m not the only one he’s talking to about all the going’s on down here in Charlottesville. And ah, if I do not get invited to be party to some other suit, then you better believe that as soon as I’m done saving my goddamn ass, that I’m going to be asking my attorney to start down that road.”  
Jason Kessler: “Well, number one, like, I have talked to Elmer about this civil suit, and I’ve talked to a lot of other people. I’ve probably talked to more people than anybody else, I mean, and I have a good understanding of it. I mean, it’s going to be expensive, number one. It’s going to be exorbitantly expensive. We’re talking like hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s one hurdle. And a second hurdle is that I don’t think we’re going to be able to do class actions, ok? So, that means, that we’re just going to have to pick somebody to do a suit, or file separate suits or something, and that’s an issue, you know? Because, how are we going to get the money all together if we, if we can’t pol our resources and see this as a mutually beneficial suit? Umm, so, we’re going to have to look into that.”

(Skip to 19:03) 

Christopher Cantwell: “As subpoena power arrives and discovery power begins to occur and facts begin to get uncovered, I would say that my defense is already going to be in the best position to fucking launch into this goddamned thing, so once I have, I’ve got Augustus Invictus is supposed to be getting my legal defense fundraiser set up. Hopefully, I have that thing set up officially, you know, in pretty short order, and I think, you know, we see what the success of the fundraising is on that, and then we might just say, “Ok, let’s spin this right into, and add lawsuit”, you know?”  
Jason Kessler: “Mmm hmm.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Because I’m already paying an attorney to uncover all of the evidence in a case for my defense, right? So, why doesn’t that same attorney just start, you know, filing civil suits at the same time, and start doing all the same, because you know, it’s a lot of repetitive work there, right?”  
Jason Kessler: “Yeah. Yeah, exactly.”

(Skip to 26:11) 

Christopher Cantwell: “Azzmador’s another good one, Do you have contact information for him?”  
Jason Kessler: “Yeah, I do. I can reach out to him.”  
Christopher Cantwell: Yeah, he’s another good one and he has, and he knows a lot of Daily Stormer trolls, right? So they’re experts at pouring over social media.”  
Jason Kessler: “Do you talk to him?”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Ah, yeah. As a matter of fact, I’m probably going to be talking to him a lot more, because he has his phone set up to do recordings or whatever, so, he’s probably going to come over and do a feature of the, of my productions from jail now.”  
Jason Kessler: “Yeah, uh, you might wanna just give him a suggestion that he call and talk to me, like, I want to work with him. See, the thing is, in the lead up to this thing, as you know, from when I was on your program, there was a little bit of like, behind the scenes drama with him and me, but like, we patched it all up, you know, August 11th, and we were ready to go, I mean, but, in the aftermath…”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Wait, let me, let me get one thing out of the way real quick, ok? Like I was, I was told after everything had gone down, somebody had relayed back to me that it came out that you’re like 1/8th Jew, or something like that, right?”  
Jason Kessler: “No like, there was a disinformation campaign that was done at me from a lot of different angles, right? So, there are people who are like in the typical Conservative establishment who have a certain narrative, and then there’s a narrative that’s been adopted for the Right, there’s a narrative to the Left. Like, there was a coordinated campaign of psyops and psychological warfare done on me to destroy my reputation so nothing like what we organized would ever be possible again. So uh…”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Let me, let me, let me, let me just give you my perspective here. I’m skeptical of you and I’m just going to be straight about that. Ah, you know, everything about this thing has been completely fucked, and like the idea, like when I’m finding out what Charlottesville is, like, I could not have chosen a worse place to do this. You have expressed to me that you used to be a Liberal, and when I hear that there, that you might have some of the fucking chosenite in ya, I’m like, it starts to, it starts to connect some dots, right?”  
Jason Kessler: “No, it’s not true man, like part.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “I’m just, I’m just, I’m just trying to explain something to you, and then you can tell me whatever you want afterwards, ok? I’m just, I’m just relaying something, ok? I’m not arguing with you, I’m not trying to start a fight, ok?” 
Jason Kessler: “Yeah.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “I am not surprised that other people are skeptical of you too, and so, you know, just, I, just roll with it is my advice that I wanna give ya, ok?” 
Jason Kessler: “Yeah.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “Like, you know, because, because this is a really fucked up thing that like we walked into this complete, this entire thing has been a complete fuckin’ set up, right? The fuckin’ cops tell us that, the cops supposedly tell us that they’re gonna clear our opposition, that we are supposed to have this park. What we end up in is this situation where the only thing I can surmise is that the government of Charlottesville wanted us to do something, that they could make an even bigger deal out of, to have us fire into the fuckin’ crowds. It seems to me that this was a fuckin’ set up, and I’m not saying that you set us up, but, you know, you are the fucking organizer of it, so I’m not, I’m not, I would not, you should not be shocked that some people treat you with a degree of skepticism. That’s all I’m saying, you know what I mean?” 
Jason Kessler: “Well here’s the deal with this, and like it’s not something that I talk about publicly because I have always tried to avoid public disagreements with people, counter-signaling, especially in the run up to this thing, this Unite The Right, I couldn’t allow anything like that to go public, but there is an individual who has done a coordinated smear job on me from within the movement, that person is Eli Mosley, Elliott Kline, and uh, from the beginning he was fucking things up. Look, I handled the court case, we won the court case. I handled getting the speakers together, we had a great line-up. I handled, you know, uh, some of the logistics, you know? But I didn’t handle security, I’m not a military veteran. I have no experience with that, and that stuff was handled almost exclusively by other people. And from the beginning of this thing, like two months out I talked to Eli. He was the closest thing to a co-organizer that there was, but like he’s doing right now, with this not sharing information with you, like, he was doing that then. He was going off into his corner, like pow-wowing with Spencer, and with IE (Identity Evropa) and his people, and not sharing information with me. He said he was going to be talking to me every day on the phone leading up to this thing, and it never happened until like a week and a half before. He said he was putting out an Operational Document, detailing all of the security arrangements and so forth, like a month and a half out. He kept not doing it. People were waiting on him, and um, it got so bad we waited a month, he kept breaking his promise on this shit, that some of the other guys came up with their own document, then Eli finally comes out with it. So Eli was behind the scenes talking shit on me the whole time, like going in these video logs in private groups saying, “Oh Jason isn’t the real organizer, Jason doesn’t know what’s going on”, and I had no idea any of this stuff was going on. So when I made this tweet, do you know about the tweet I made?” 
Christopher Cantwell: “No.” 
Jason Kessler: “So I made a tweet. Basically, I take Ambien to help me sleep, and sometimes it causes like sleepwalking, or, you just do stuff you don’t remember, so I was very.”
Christopher Cantwell: “I’ve been there on Ambien, yeah.” 
Jason Kessler: “I was very frustrated this particular night because the media was portraying Heather Hayer as this perfect, innocent individual who was like basically a martyr for ANTIFA.”  
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah exactly.” 
Jason Kessler: “And in my opinion this was completely wrong because this woman.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “She was a fucking rioter and she was blocking fucking traffic.” 
Jason Kessler: “Yes, she was stopping these cars from moving to safety.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah.” 
Jason Kessler: “Like she was with an armed mob, it was blocking these cars from moving, and there were people with baseball bats and other weapons around it. So I made a tweet calling her a “Fat Communist”, uh and, linking to the Daily Stormer, and that was when I was on this Ambien. I woke up in the morning and like the entire Alt-Right was pissed at me, like they had, like Spencer had disavowed me, said he would never work with me again, Eli did it, Baked Alaska did it, but then there were a lot of other people since then, especially in the Southern Nationalist community who said, “We understand, we think they were throwing younger the bus, and they’ve all said worse things themselves.” But, since then, like that night, while I was asleep Eli was releasing this, what I can only compare it to like a pissed off-ier, what they did on Trump with all that fake bullshit. So Eli releases some stuff that’s true. He released my home address so that these Communists can come and attack me. He said that I was insane, in a mental institution. He said that he traced my lineage, and my grandmother’s name was Goldberg, and she was a Jew who came from Europe during World War II. That shit is completely false. My grandma, I’m not going to say my grandmother’s Maiden name, because I don’t want people to dox them, or harass them, but they are Anglo on one side and French on the other. You know? There are no Jews in my family, and frankly, from my perspective, like is somebody was 1/8th Jew, I don’t really give a shit. I mean, what is this? Like, more hardcore than Hitler nazi LARPing is stupid in my opinion.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “Well I get that but like, this is why I said skepticism, right? Like, I would say that if we were going to fucking enter a movement like ours where people are marching around chanting “Blood and Soil” and they’re part Jewish, maybe you give them a little extra scrutiny, right?” 
Jason Kessler: “But I didn’t do that. I didn’t, I never chanted “Jews will not replace us,” I never chanted “Blood and Soil,” I wouldn’t have done that and I was frankly embarrassed when people were doing that to be honest with you. Like that, that’s just my perspective is that I recognize that you should be critical of that group because they have disproportionate power and influence, they control the banking system.they uh, you know, they are constantly in these subversive movements starting SPLC, ACLU. I recognize all that stuff. But, you know, I’ve never been somebody who’s portraying myself as like hardcore Nazi. I’ve never liked the Nazi aesthetic. I’ve told people not to use it. I don’t think Hitler is a good role model. That is where I’m coming from. I’m Pro-White, but I’m not a Nazi.” 
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah, I, I, I can totally get you on that. I just am, and I’m not into the whole fucking Nazi thing either, but, I get what you’re getting at in any case, but I did not, I will confirm that I never saw you chanting any of those particular slogans.”
Jason Kessler: “Yeah I mean if you, if you, if you or anybody else wants to know about that, I mean, like I said, I don’t want people messing with my family, so I can’t really say but you can do a genealogy thing on me, I mean, anybody could look that stuff up. But people aren’t concerned with what the truth is. They’re concerned about like, “Let me smear him for my own political gains.”” 
Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah, well I’ll tell you what. Like, you know, I’m certainly have no interest in smearing you for political or other gain, right? That’s not what I’m here to do. I heard that, like, Eli told me that you were part Jew or whatever like that, and I’m like, “Hmmm, part Jew (Unintelligible).” 
Jason Kessler: “That’s his thing dude. He see’s me as a rival and he’s trying to destroy my reputation.”  

Restoring the honor!


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