Citizen Review Board: NBC 29's Henry Graff says their video footage shows that a "barricade" was positioned at Market Street and 4th Street but the Police Officer was missing around 12:30 pm...

NBC 29's Henry Graff posted a series of tweets on August 28, 2017 which appear to confirm several things we already know about the "barricades" at Market Street and 4th Street on August 12th. Graff's tweets also add one very important piece of information about the "barricades" that we didn't previously know. According to Graff, around 12:30 pm on August 12th, the intersection was closed. Graff says he was on camera around that time, and the road closure was captured in the background of NBC 29's video.

Graff also says that the "barricade" consisted of a "plastic sawhorse style" type barrier. We can confirm this due to video posted of the procession of people who marched towards the Market Street Parking Garage around noon on August 12th. 

The most vital piece of information ascertained from Graff's tweets is that there was a Police Officer positioned at the intersection of Market and 4th Street all morning blocking vehicular traffic. We can also confirm this due to video footage taken of the procession up Market Street. But that's not all. Graff says that the Police Officer who was blocking traffic all morning was no longer there "around 12:30 pm". Huge if true, because the intersection was supposed to be closed by police until 7 pm on the 12th. As we told you yesterday, it appears that the Police Officer who was stationed at Market Street and 4th Street left their post to respond to the altercation that unfolded two blocks away at the Market Street Parking Garage, shortly after noon. The Officer can be seen in video shot across the street from the parking garage, on the front porch of NBC 29's office. 

The red lines in the map above appear to indicate police "barricades" (apparently of a plastic sawhorse variety) and the blue lines apparently represent police cruisers.

Restoring the honor!


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