Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler claims he asked the police to give counter-protesters "a section of the streets", despite one of his biggest gripes being counter-protesters were in the streets...

You know what the problem is with trying to create an alternate reality? You can't escape reality. Case in point, Jason Kessler. Kessler is now claiming that he told police before the Unite The Right rally took place to give counter-protesters "a section of the streets" even though one of the Alt-Right's biggest complaints is that counter-protesters were in the streets. Say wut??? Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien.

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Robyn Semien: “I know, which is, that’s what strikes me as odd is that, it’s a free speech rally, so you could not have been surprised that people showed up protesting what you were organizing. Like you must have expected there will be people show up who are against you.”
Jason Kessler: “Right. Yeah, we had that in our safety plan, and like I said, I’d talked to Captain Lewis, Captain Mitchell, I even talked to the Chief of Police Al Thomas, and I told them, “Look, I understand that emotions are running high on this, and I also, believe it or not, respect the First Amendment rights of the counter-demonstrators. I just don’t want them to start fights with us. So, lets have it so that Lee Park is our area because we have a permit for it, and then you guys made the decision to close down the streets, give them a section of the streets, you know? Don’t allow them to block the entrance for our people, or attack our people as we’re trying to walk into the event, but by all means, give them a space to protest.””

Nothing like undercutting your own narrative, eh Jason?

Restoring the honor!


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