Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler claims Captain Wendy Lewis told him the city was using private servers to avoid FOIA over Unite The Right security plans...

Folks, I want to be clear about something. I don't trust anything Kessler says. He's lied before, and I have no reason to believe he wouldn't lie again. Unfortunately, I don't trust the city either. These are Kessler's statements. He is the one that will have to answer for them, not me. But this one is kind of a biggie. Kessler is claiming that Captain Wendy Lewis of the Charlottesville Police Department personally told him that the city was using private servers for the express purpose of avoiding FOIA requests like the ones I have filed that they have yet to respond to

The accused (by Kessler) Charlottesville Police Department Captain Wendy Lewis

Big if true. Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien.

Skip to 22:30

Robyn Semien: “Tell me what your day to day is like. What is that like?”
Jason Kessler: “Umm, I’m just finishing up some business that I have. I mean, it’s really not that, that interesting or glamorous. I’m still doing my political activism in my spare time, and I’m preparing for a lawsuit against the city of Charlottesville. I mean, that’s probably the more interesting part to your listeners, is,you know, of course I’m following the news very closely like a lot of other people are about how this disaster came to be, with regards to the city government failing to do its job, and give people equal protection under the law. I’m filing a lot of FOIA requests. I’m looking into, for instance, can I FOIA private emails? Because the whole thing that happened with Hillary Clinton and her server, that happened here too. Captain Wendy Lewis was my liaison at the police department, and she told me when we were going over security details that they were not using government servers because they didn’t want to be FOIA’d about the safety plans. So I’m looking into how I can, I can procure those documents anyway.”
Robyn Semien: “Ok, so you’re working on trying to sue the city over its handling of this?”
Jason Kessler: “Oh yeah, of course. They violated a Federal court Judge’s order.” 

Restoring the honor!


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