Citizen Review Board: Eyewitnesses to car attack, Brennan Gilmore and Chris Mahoney, interviewed by CNN at 4:35 pm on August 12, 2017

On August 12, 2017, CNN interviewed two eyewitnesses to the car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. Brennan Gilmore and Chris Mahoney gave personal accounts of what they saw that afternoon to a CNN reporter from the scene of the crime. The revelation here is that their account of events matches what John Zeigler told Good Morning America.

Brennan Gilmore: “The car reversed, ah, very fast, back up the street, as you can see in the video. Ah, so we were still, umm, you know, sorta in the scene, so we jumped out to get around the corner of this barrier, of this building, and a car flew by, and immediately, you know, victims started coming out. My friend ran after the car. I gave first aid to a lady that had come out from the scene, and ah, and yeah, that’s ah basically what happened. The car disappeared after that.”
CNN Reporter: “Were you able to get a look at the driver as he sped by you?
Chris Mahoney: “Umm no, the car had tinted windows, so it was difficult to see in. Umm, so I was, I was more looking, is this person going to come directly towards me? So I was looking to get out of the way of the car, right? As it came back. Umm, when it came past us, we didn’t see, I just saw it plow, like Brennan said, into the group of protesters, and I thought, “Well, this is clearly like a terrorist incident. Right?”
Brennan Gilmore: “I got a glimpse, I got a glimpse of the driver. I was standing about, you know, just a few feet from him as he came back. A white male. He appeared to have close-cropped hair, but it was, you know, tinted windows. So I didn’t get a very good look at him, and…”
CNN Reporter: “And Chris, could you share what you saw in the moments just before Brennan’s video started rolling?”
Chris Mahoney: “Ah, so, we were walking down, (standing at the corner of 4th Street and the Mall, Chris motions up 4th Street toward Market Street with his hand) down the road as Brennan mentioned, but we came around the corner and you could see the car just over the other side of the road, just sat there, looking ah, looking down the road, and, as you said, there were the protesters were, were coming down 4th Street, umm, so I don’t, I thought that’s a bit strange, there didn’t seem to be any other cars stopping him from going. And then, of course, moments later we heard a car going incredibly fast, you know, down, down, down the road, and saw it plow into the crowd, and then it reversed back, and then, we were ah, some of us ran after the car to take a photo, and then followed it around down the road alerting the police to, to, to chase it.”

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