Citizen Review Board: Buzzfeed News livestream of Unite The Right shows Officer guarding Market & 4th still in place immediately after beating of Deandre Harris...

A video shot by Buzzfeed News on August 12, 2017 appears to show the same CPD Police Officer who made their way to the front porch of NBC 29's office still guarding the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street in the moments right after Deandre Harris was beaten in the Market Street Parking Garage. This raises a question of timing. This Officer would have to have left their post shortly after this video was captured in order to be on the front porch minutes later. 

Skip to 1:10:40

The Buzzfeed video appears to be an earlier video than the video showing the CPD Officer at the NBC 29 office. The Buzzfeed video also shows that the CPD Police cruiser is still in place. Due to the angle of the video and a parked car on Market Street, we are not able to see if the plastic sawhorse style barricade is still in place.

Anyone with video or photo evidence of the events in the the vicinity of Market Street and 4th Street on August 12, 2017 is encouraged to email me at

Restoring the honor!


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