All Points Bulletin: Help us find "Red" and bring him to justice...

Folks, this is "Red". He's been dubbed red due to his trademark red facial hair. He was part of a group of Nazis who viciously beat Deandre Harris in the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, 2017. We need your help to bring him to justice.

One key to finding "Red" might be the flag he was carrying on A12. We want to know what flag he had as it might give us some idea about what groups he was associated with. The flag "Red" was carrying appears to be mostly black. We believe it might have been a Vanguard America or Traditionalist Worker Party flag, but we want to know for sure.

"Red" was also wearing a Marmot Mountain hat. 

"Red" was also wearing low top Vans shoes.

Help us find "Red" and bring him to justice. If you have any information about "Red", please email us at

Minor Threat - Seeing Red

Restoring the honor!


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