Alt-Right CSI (Cville Edition)

In a desperate attempt to prove, well, I'm really not sure, the Alt-Right has taken to blaming the victim and trying to concoct every kind of bizarre conspiracy theory they can think of to explain away the disaster they created on August 12th in Charlottesville. Unite The Right organizers like Brad Griffin closed out their tab after a long night out on the town and couldn't believe how much they'd drank that night. When they reached into the old wallet to pay the tab, they found that they didn't have enough to cover the bill, so now they're trying to split. Sorry guys. Time to pay up. Your asses aren't getting out of this one. I'm not going to link to Griffin's Alex Jones level tinfoil hattery. His newest post is an attempt to LARP as a Crime Scene Investigator. Folks, this is literally Griffin in his Mommy and Daddy's basement. 

Would you look at the tinfoil on those windows! I'm pretty sure he still lives there. 

Restoring the honor!


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