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Violent Southern Nationalist LOSer Ryan King is also a Sons of Confederate Veterans member...

That's Ryan King. League of the South member who was just found guilty of disorderly conduct stemming from an assault he initiated at Auburn University, at a speaking engagement for white nationalist Richard Spencer. King is also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The SCV endlessly claims that they have a strictly enforced anti-hate group association policy, but that is clearly bullshit, because here King is depicted in a photograph helping to hold the banner for the Pratville Dragoons. 

King was also present at the Unite The Right rally last moth and was one of the LOSers at the head of the pack who initiated the violence on August 12th.

Lest we forget, that the Sons of Confederate Veterans allegedly has a strictly enforced anti-hate group policy.

Restoring the honor!

Citizen Review Board: Who closed the alleyway behind Hill & Wood Funeral Service, and why?

This Citizen Review Board inquiry came into my inbox yesterday anonymously.

The question is, who closed off the alleyway behind the Hill & Wood Funeral Service located at 201 1st Street North, and why? The email inquiry included these two images from Google Maps illustrating the general area, and the way in which the barricades were configured at this location on August 12th. 

The inquiry also included a link to the following You Tube video which shows the closed off section of the alleyway being used by both militia members and members of the Alt-Right. 

You can see the orange plastic barricades in place in this screen grab from a separate You Tube video.

In addition to the orange barricades, there was also yellow caution tape in place. It is unclear who secured this location in this way, but what is clear is that the area was used by both the militia and the Alt-Right immediately after unlawful assembly was declared and people were being pushed out of Emancipation Park. There w…

Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler claims he asked the police to give counter-protesters "a section of the streets", despite one of his biggest gripes being counter-protesters were in the streets...

You know what the problem is with trying to create an alternate reality? You can't escape reality. Case in point, Jason Kessler. Kessler is now claiming that he told police before the Unite The Right rally took place to give counter-protesters "a section of the streets" even though one of the Alt-Right's biggest complaints is that counter-protesters were in the streets. Say wut??? Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien.

Skip to 41:51

Robyn Semien: “I know, which is, that’s what strikes me as odd is that, it’s a free speech rally, so you could not have been surprised that people showed up protesting what you were organizing. Like you must have expected there will be people show up who are against you.”Jason Kessler: “Right. Yeah, we had that in our safety plan, and like I said, I’d talked to Captain Lewis, Captain Mitchell, I ev…

Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler claims Captain Wendy Lewis told him the city was using private servers to avoid FOIA over Unite The Right security plans...

Folks, I want to be clear about something. I don't trust anything Kessler says. He's lied before, and I have no reason to believe he wouldn't lie again. Unfortunately, I don't trust the city either. These are Kessler's statements. He is the one that will have to answer for them, not me. But this one is kind of a biggie. Kessler is claiming that Captain Wendy Lewis of the Charlottesville Police Department personally told him that the city was using private servers for the express purpose of avoiding FOIA requests like the ones I have filed that they have yet to respond to

Big if true. Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien.

Skip to 22:30
Robyn Semien: “Tell me what your day to day is like. What is that like?”Jason Kessler: “Umm, I’m just finishing up some business that I have. I mean, it’s really not that, that interesting o…

The Virginia Flaggers could be facing another hate flag removal soon...

Folks, just as I said, Susan Hathaway continues to laugh it up, but I don't think she's going to be laughing very long. We should be getting a ruling in Charlottesville in the coming days as to whether or not the statues can be removed, but now it seems that the Flaggers are also facing challenges in Richmond, and now Stafford. According to, the Flaggers and Hubert Wayne Cash are having an eency-weency wittle pwobwem with their big, ugly hate flag. Awwww, that's too bad!

"A mammoth Confederate flag visible to travelers along Interstate 95 in Stafford County is an illegal sign that should come down, according to a zoning complaint filed by a Garrisonville lawyer.The complaint was sent to Stafford’s zoning department on Sept. 19, the same day the county attorney publicly stated that officials could not legally force the property owners to take down the flag. The flag, which went up in 2014 near the intersection of I–95 and U.S. 17, is on private prope…

Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler says there was a conspiracy to violate his civil rights, claims Unite The Right started at 10 am and police weren't aware of start time...

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien. Kessler says that there was a conspiracy to violate his civil rights, although he offers no proof to back up his claim. Kessler goes on to claim that the Unite The Right rally was scheduled to start at 10 am, and he adds that police were totally unaware of the 10 am start time.

Skip to 31:10

Robyn Semien: “So, like, what, you organized the rally. What’s your take on the rally?”Jason Kessler: “Ahh, that’s too broad. Can you be more specific?”Robyn Semien: “Just like, you had this thing in mind. You organized it for months, I think? For months, right?”Jason Kessler: “Yeah. Yeah, two months.”Robyn Semien: “And umm, and like, like, it didn’t really happen. Not what you had in mind, right?”Jason Kessler: “No, I mean, there was a conspiracy to violate my civil rights, and the civil rights of all the other …

Citizen Review Board: Jason Kessler says his rumored lawsuit will take 2-4 years due to depositions of city and state government employees...

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the disastrous Unite The Right Nazi rally, and all around piece of shit,  has published Part 1, of a 2-part unedited interview with journalist Robyn Semien. Kessler says that his expected lawsuit will be a labor of love, and take anywhere from 2 to 4 years to come to fruition.

Skip to 29:53
Robyn Semien: “Can you tell me what your plan is as far as what you’d like to do next?”Jason Kessler: “Umm, I’m still working things out, you know? I do plan to fight this lawsuit, and that’s going to be a longterm thing. I think that, that’s going to take a period of years, it’s going to take two to four years because we are going to have to depose a lot of people in the city and state government. During the ACLU trial, Jason Kessler v. the city of Charlottesville, I, not for nothing feel like I contributed a lot to the success of that case, because I was essentially working as a legal aide by looking up social media postings where the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Charlot…

The city of Charlottesville doesn't appear to be responding to my FOIA requests...

Folks, that is my FOIA request submitted on August 3, 2017 (37 business days ago) to the city of Charlottesville for all emails related to the Unite The Right rally sent to certain Charlottesville officials. 

That's a reply from Lieutenant Cheryl Sandridge, dated August 18, 2017, acknowledging that there are emails responsive to my request, particularly some to the Chief of Police, Al Thomas. 

On August 28, 2017 (20 business days ago), I requested a copy of Jason Kessler's amended permit application for the Unite The Right rally. This amended permit application was discussed in a Daily Progress article written by Allison Wrabel on July 27, 2017 in which Charlottesville Communications Director Miriam Dickler is quoted. As of today, I have yet to receive any documents responsive to my requests and Joe Rice, Acting FOIA Officer has apparently stopped responding to my email inquiries. 

I am a patient person, but this is getting ridiculous. If the city doesn't intend to provid…

Citizen Review Board: Patrol car #3188 was stationed at the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street on August 12th...

Newly discovered video shot by Alt-Right personality "The Red Mage" shows that the patrol car stationed at the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street on August 12th had the identifying numbers 3188 on the rear bumper.

Skip to 21:22

The video also gives us the closest look we've had at the barricade at Market and 4th on August 12th.

It has been confirmed by the Charlottesville Police Department that 3188 is the number identifying the police cruiser which was parked at the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street for a portion of the day on August 12th.

Restoring the honor!

All Points Bulletin: Help us find "Red" and bring him to justice...

Folks, this is "Red". He's been dubbed red due to his trademark red facial hair. He was part of a group of Nazis who viciously beat Deandre Harris in the Market Street Parking Garage on August 12, 2017. We need your help to bring him to justice.

One key to finding "Red" might be the flag he was carrying on A12. We want to know what flag he had as it might give us some idea about what groups he was associated with. The flag "Red" was carrying appears to be mostly black. We believe it might have been a Vanguard America or Traditionalist Worker Party flag, but we want to know for sure.

"Red" was also wearing a Marmot Mountain hat. 

"Red" was also wearing low top Vans shoes.

Help us find "Red" and bring him to justice. If you have any information about "Red", please email us at

Minor Threat - Seeing Red

Jason Kessler claims Deandre Harris to be arrested this week, says he's going to "sue the shit out of the city of Charlottesville, and all of the people who conspired against us..."

Jason Kessler has recorded another one of his podcasts with Christopher Cantwell, live and direct from jail in which the two discuss the alleged impending arrest of Deandre Harris and Jason's efforts to sue the city of Charlottesville, amongst other things. Note: This is a rush transcript. Please snd any corrections to

(Skip to 3:58)Jason Kessler: “The news I heard reporting was just that they put you guys together, people who were arrested from the protest, but I’m assuming it’s only people from our side that are together, right? They’re not putting any Leftists in there with you guys, right?”Christopher Cantwell: “I don’t think they got… Do you know if they have any Leftists in custody? I mean I know they arrested the people who assaulted you, but I’m figuring that they made bail already. No?”Jason Kessler: “I haven’t heard anything about that but I think this, uhh, what’s his name? Ahh, Deandre Harris is probably going to be in the clink within a week, and…