Why did Jason Kessler demand a jury trial to obtain a permit he allegedly desperately needs in two days?

Am I the only one who sees the extreme irony in Jason Kessler demanding a jury trial in his Civil Rights violation Complaint just two days ahead of his Unite The Right rally? No, seriously. He demanded a jury trial.

Do you think that Jason really believes that they will impanel a jury and have a trial in two days time? Maybe it's more likely that Jason really doesn't give two shits about the permit? It's possible that he and his attorneys think that they will have a better time convincing a jury of his peers, rather than judge that he's a poor, helpless victim? There's another reason I could suggest why the trial appears to be no big rush, even though publicly, he's running around franticly like it is, but I think it's pretty obvious, and doesn't really need to be stated. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. I'm being told by someone much more qualified in law that it is standard to check yes for jury trial demand so as not to waive the right to a jury trial.

    News broke this morning that Kessler's attorney's have filed a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) and injunction to force the city to reinstate the original permit for Emancipation Park.


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