Why are the Patriots coming to Unite The Right? "Based Freedom Couple" says it's because of "muh Constitution"...

Yeah, that's right. These two clowns, "Fresh" and "Cec", go by "Based Freedom Couple". Folks, watch this video and see just how ridiculous the "Patriot" movement is. "Fresh" says that he is coming to Unite The Right, and also trashes Richard Spencer. They also spill the beans that "Cec" is Mexican, so of course, "Fresh" is definitely going to want to come and hear all about the Nazis plans to create an all white ethnostate where "Cec" isn't welcome, and will eventually be removed from whether "Fresh" likes it, or not. They also state that several people associated with the "Northwest Highway Men" Patriot group WILL be coming to Charlottesville. Can anyone name anything these people have ever done? What violence have they ever de-escalated? These Patriot groups are a dime-a-dozen, and they are all a joke. All they do is record hilarious Facebook live videos, and talk about their "events". Listen to this bullshit:

"It is hard to do Patriot shit. Bottom line."

"It's not easy what we do. It's like a second job."

"So, we have Portland coming up, Virginia is coming up. And I know there's going to be several people, individuals coming from Colorado going both places."

"We're going to have AWR out there (Portland). I know Ace is going to be there. Ace is there all the time man, and I hope to see Kool-Aid out there too, for sure. But yeah, I mean, it's all these guys that, that's what I like about a majority of these individuals that, you see 'em on Facebook, and sometimes, for a guy like myself, you might just question it, like, "Are these guys for real, or are they just on Facebook trying to get views?" I'm going to tell you something for real. The people that you're seeing on this thread. Everybody that I read on this thread are some real... real people, because I was about to cuss, but these are some real dudes. Francis Marion, Ty Freedom, Ace Baker, Kool-Aid, Jack Napier, I'm telling you, I mean these are some real Patriots that do some real shit. Ok?"

"I'm heading out to Virginia, so there's a lotta heresay about what's happening. Unfortunately, the individuals there, you know, the Unite The Right rally, City Council in Charlottesville came together and disapproved, I guess, they disapproved their permit that was already accessed and already obtained, so, that just goes to show you that these people have one agenda, and if we don't stand up, and tell these people that, "Hey, this agenda is not going to work for us Patriots",  they're just going to keep running all over us."

"We are united, and all the groups that are going to be attending there, I would like to see your name on the flyer as well. This isn't just a one-sided thing, American Freedom Keepers is hosting it, but everybody that's going to be involved needs to be on our flyer. This is a true "Unite The Right". We're not having Richard Spencer out here, so that's what makes us different. We're not going to have those red-boot Nazis out here. I mean, if they come, then that's a whole 'nother subject, that's a whole 'nother subject, but then again they have their right to freedom and right to free speech. So, that's just kinda one thing that you've just gotta weigh out with yourself. Just figure out for yourself, because if you're fighting for your right for free speech and your fellow Patriots, why don't they have the same respect?"

Because they are fucking Nazis you dumb fuck. They do have a right to free speech in our country, but what you are doing is making excuses and trying to hide behind "muh Constitution" as your rationale for standing with them. I'm sick of these Patriot LARPers. They have never accomplished anything, ever. They have a track record of doing nothing but milking each other for cash, making hysterical Facebook live videos where they talk a bunch of smack, and working with fucking Nazis. August 12th looks to be no different. They'll all high-five each other after this is all over about how they defended "muh Constitution", when they will have done nothing of the sort.

American Freedom Keepers "assist".

Patriot brawl in Portland.

You guys aren't defending anything except Nazis. So make up your little bullshit narratives, it doesn't matter. On August 13th, you aren't writing the history and your stupid Facebook live videos won't mean anything when your photos are plastered all over the internet with the National Socialist Movement. Honestly, look at where these clowns show up, and notice a pattern. Violence usually breaks out where these Patriot morons go. Perhaps that's the reason the Patriots are coming to Unite The Right?

Restoring the honor!


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