When will the Sons of Confederate Veterans denounce the Unite The Right rally?

Folks, here is hoping that the Sons of Confederate Veterans will publicly denounce the Unite The Right rally, set to take place on Saturday. They previously denounced the Klan rally which took place in Charlottesville on July 8, but so far, have not made any public comment about Unite The Right. The Unite The Right rally is being done under the guise of Confederate heritage defense, and was tentatively set to take place in front of the Robert E. Lee monument in Emancipation Park. I made a telephone call moments ago to the Virginia Division offices and was connected with someone who identified themselves to me as Michael Landree. When asked directly when they would denounce the Unite The Right rally, he claimed that he didn't know anything about this huge news story that has been swirling around Virginia for several months, and which is directly connected to all things Confederate heritage. When I continued to press the issue, the gentleman rudely hung up on me. I hope that the Sons of Confederate Veterans denounce this rally which has publicly announced the participation of groups like the National Socialist Movement and the League of the South.

Restoring the honor!


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