Virginia Flaggers share material from Southern White Nationalist blog...

Here's an excerpt:

"Southerners are slowly coming around to the defense of her history.  In light of that which we are seeing today, the desecration of her history and monuments, when will the Southerner stand up and fight for the South?
Very soon!
History tells us to be patient, but it will happen.  In fact, I strongly believe that point is upon us.  The Southerner does not enter a fight immediately, but when he does so, he enters a fight passionately.
Fighting and soldiering comes natural to the Southern male.  I covered that in a different piece.  But what sparks the flame of the Southern civilian to cease being a spectator and enter combat willingly?  When does the otherwise relaxed Southerner beat his plowshares into swords and his pruning hooks into spears?
Apparently, when he is fed up with that which he perceives to be an injustice done to his friends and family… kith and kin… then the Southerner moves from indifferent spectator to aggressive warrior."

The article shared by the Flaggers goes on to add:

"I predict that events like ‘Unite the Right,” on August 12th, 2017, are only the beginning.  New Orleans was a major wake-up call.  At the removal of Southern historical monuments in one of the South’s largest cities, comparatively few showed up.  That is changing.  Nearly one thousand are expected at the “Unite the Right” rally in support of General Robert E. Lee’s statue and the overall cause of saving White Christian heritage in the South.
The Southerner is awakening because his Gaelic blood is compelling him to defend his culture.  In June 2015, when Dylann Roof shot and killed nine Black parishioners, I know of no Southerner who condoned Roof’s actions.  But the South was uniformly punished by White Leftists and their Black allies seeking to crush the Southern commitment to its history and pride. Taking it too far was a typical Marxist mistake.
After years of suffering depredations, the Southerner is now preparing for a fight.
If history is our guide, this will not end well for the Left."

A separate blog post from the same page adds this little chestnut of peace and love:

"Based on the current political conditions that exist in the United States today, one can conclude that it is not only OK to kill Leftists, but it is actually a moral responsibility of a Christian to do so.  The righteous Christian should kill Leftists."   

Restoring the honor!


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