Reader Submission: Vanguard America marches into Emancipation Park chanting Nazi slogan "Blood and Soil"...

Although Vanguard America is claiming that the alleged Alt-Right killer had nothing to do with the group, a photo posted online shows him holding a shield featuring crossed Fasces and standing amongst members of the group. The image also depicts another Nazi holding a shield with a Schwarze Sonne, also known as a Sonnenrad, or Nazi Black Sun emblem.

Of course they are going to say he had nothing to do with the group, but hopefully the investigation into who James Alex Fields is, and who he was collaborating with will unmask his associations and make them public. The exclusive video above was sent to us by an observer who attended yesterdays Unite The Right rally, and shows a group of Nazis marching in to Emancipation Park carrying shields and flags bearing the Vanguard America emblem while shouting the Nazi slogan "Blood and Soil" which is an English translation of the German "Blut und Boden".

Restoring the honor!


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