Quantity Over Quality: Rumored Fed infiltrated Klan group Loyal White Knights allegedly participating in next weeks Unite The Right rally...

Take it from Jason Kessler, if this is true (and we haven't confirmed, but Jason's welcome to clarify), it's no big deal everyone...

"According to The News & Observer in Raleigh, Barker was one of two men charged in the assault of Richard Dillon, an Indiana man and Klan member who stumbled into the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office with multiple stab wounds to the upper chest on Dec. 3, following a Klan meeting at Barker’s Yanceyville, North Carolina, home.
Dillon told officers that during the meeting, he’d gotten into a fight with Barker and William Ernest Hagen, a California-based Klan leader. Barker’s arrest came just before a Klan parade in Roxboro, North Carolina, billed as a celebration of Donald Trump’s presidential victory; Hagen’s came immediately after the parade.
Deputies charged Hagen with felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, while Barker was charged with felony aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Barker, who has claimed he was not involved in the fight, was released on a $75,000 bond while his case is pending, The News & Observer reported.
Barker also made headlines in 2015 when it was revealed that he’d informed on another Klan member to the FBI. According to the Times Union in Albany, New York, Barker wore a wire and secretly recorded a conversation with Glendon Scott Crawford, a Klan member who was trying to gain support for his “mobile death ray,” which he’d hoped to use on Muslims.
The recording was played during the second day of Crawford’s trial for terrorism-related charges in federal court; Crawford was ultimately found guilty and given a 30-year sentence last December.
Barker’s checkered history was noted by Jason Kessler, the right-wing blogger and founder of Unity and Security for America. Six days after Barker’s Klan group submitted its application, Kessler submitted his own application for an assembly in Lee Park, set to run from 12 to 5 p.m. Aug. 12.
In an email, Kessler called Barker “an FBI informant and multiple felon” and claimed that he was “being paid by left-wing groups to discredit legitimate conservatives.”
“Someone is trying to discredit my rally by bringing in this jackass,” Kessler wrote."

Even if they wanted to, there's nothing they can do to stop them. Unite The Right is a free-for-all. Quantity over quality is all that matters.

It's all about "muh numbers". More on the Loyal White Knights here and here.

The Numbers Game - Thievery Corporation

Restoring the honor!


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