Patriot bobblehead Tammy "Never Hillary" Lee says she's going to Unite The Right because "muh Constitution", calls on all Patriots to show up, pretend that they don't see Nazis...

Tammy "Never Hillary" Lee is rationalizing Patriots showing up to the white nationalist Unite The Right rally. This is the exact same thing that all the Patriot groups are saying almost verbatim. Personally, I think this is all coordinated. You Patriots just remember that when you're standing among Jeff Schoep and the National Socialist Movement, and Daily Stormer folks, regardless of what you say and think, you can't erase the photos, this is going to follow you for life. Let me give you a clue Tammy Lee, this rally has absolutely nothing to do with free speech. This is just the vehicle the racists are using to advance white nationalism, and whether you mean to or not, you're helping. Good job!

(Obligatory disclaimer: Bobblehead didn't actually say what's in the headline or in the body of the post, it's my interpretation of what she's saying.)

Restoring the honor!


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