Off Message: Unite The Right rules posted to event page counter-signal earlier message that claimed guns and open carry were ok...

We make no claim that these rules are official, however, they were posted to the Unite The Right event page, and they haven't been deleted or counter-signaled by Kessler, so we assume they are legit. Folks, for the Alt-Right, the number one biggest thing with this rally is optics. They want to do everything in their power to present themselves as normal and likeable, while painting the opposition to Neo-Naziism as evil and violent. DO NOT think that this entire thing is not designed to create a narrative and influence the public. That is their number one goal. Deny them their narrative on Saturday. Be mindful of what they are attempting to do. They know that insane amounts of media will be there, and they want to use the media as a weapon to destroy their opposition. That being said, the list of rules above is now back to counter-signaling earlier claims that guns and open carry are all good. 

These clowns do not have a coherent message. They are all over the place. They are counter-signaling, and re-counter-signaling themselves every 15 minutes. This is evidence of disorganization. They are off message and spinning, and that's because there is a shit ton of internal infighting and backstabbing going on, and because they are overwhelmed. This spells disaster. 

Restoring the honor!


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