Off Message: Alt-Right can't make up their mind whether the permit for Unite The Right rally has been revoked or not...

Wrong. Jason Kessler doesn't want the permit the city told him they would approve, therefore, due to section 3.4.5 of the City's Standard Operating Procedures on demonstrations and special events, the permit will eventually be denied, unless Jason reconsiders.

Read 'em and weap bishes!

The city reserves all rights, should the demonstration sponsor decide not to abide by the terms of the permit, which was conditionally granted today. Stop being such a drama queen Jason.

Well thanks for clearing that up Dr. Mike. I think I've got it now. Not revoked!

The whole world is watching a laughing at this clown show.

Who even cares anymore? 

The National Socialists are apparently losing their shit because Kessler and crew are making them feel like second class citizens in their own imaginary ethnostate. Dick move J, dick move...

Restoring the honor!


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