Occidental Dissent's Brad Griffin says he was one of Unite The Right's "Primary organizers", yet he isn't named in a $3 million civil suit...

A $3 million civil lawsuit has been filed against a host of the organizers and promoters of Saturday's Unite The Right rally which took the life of one counter-protester and injured at least 19. Missing from the list is Bradley Dean Griffin, a white nationalist from Midway, Alabama, who claims to be one of the rally's "primary organizers" in a new post at his blog, Occidental Dissent.

Apparently the lawsuit was filed with the expectation that many defendants will be added sometime in the future, as it lists among the defendants "John Doe 1-1000" and "Jane Doe 1-1000". That certainly leaves plenty of room for Mr. Griffin, and he's totally ok with it.

Read the lawsuit here.

Restoring the honor!


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