Muh motivational Patriot, Billy Sessions goes on unhinged tirade, says to get on a boat and go back to Africa if you don't go to Unite The Right hate rally...

Folks, this is Billy Sessions. He's having a full-blown meltdown. You've gotta listen to this "Patriot". He doesn't give a fuck about being called a racist. He's proud to be called racist.

"Now, here we come down to it. They pulled the Unite The Right permit, to have their free speech. Now here it is, 'cause they let all the Left, they didn't pull their rights. They didn't pull their permits folks, they didn't pull their damn permits. And you know what? The Left is going to get up there and spew just as hateful shit as anybody else is going to spew. I'm going to tell you that right now. They're going to get up there, and they're going to call everybody a "racist", and they're going to do this, and they're going to do that, ok? Well, they moved it to a different area, yeah. My ass. Ok? Let me tell you exactly what else has happened. Well, it don't matter about the violence in Charlottesville. Ok? It don't. It don't. Alright? You can show up in Charlottesville, and you can do what damn well you want to. It's your ass if you get in trouble for being violent. Ok? It's everybody's right under the Constitution to show up in Charlottesville, like it or not. If you decide to break the law by being violent, that's on your ass. Ok? They're not going just load everybody up in a damn bucket. That ain't how it works folks, I've been to these rallies, trust me, I've been arrested many times, and what some other asshole does, does not reflect on you. If you do not commit a crime, they're not going to arrest you 'cause this asshole 15 people over commits a crime. Ok? It don't work that way. Alright? I'm just putting that out there. But, let me tell you, let me explain something else... hello Daryle... let me explain something else. This Vice Mayor, Wes Bellamy, he is selling, basically, the City Council voted to sell the monuments, and basically turn it into a damn slush fund to help the minority community. Ok? So basically they're selling off our history, and our heritage to turn around and give it to fuckin' minorities. Ok? I just watched a video on it folks. This is a bunch of biased bullshit. Alright? It is. If you want to go to Charlottesville, show up. Ok? One thing folks, I don't care if I get arrested or not, because I'm not no pansy-ass little chicken shit mother fucker. I'm going to Charlottesville. Ok? Am I going to break the law? Well, we'll figure that out when the time comes, won't we? Ok? But when is the American people, or the Alt-Right, or the Conservatives, or whoever you want to call 'em, whatever part of the Alt-Right you are, you ain't gotta be a damn Nazi, you ain't gotta be a racist to be a part of the Alt-Right, contrary to what the Left says. But when are we going to decide enough's enough of this bullshit? Enough is enough of this bullshit. Ok? I'm not going to sit here and play lawyer, I'm not going to sit here and try to read laws to y'all all damn day long, because trust me, I could on this. I totally could. Do I back hate speech basically, racism? No, I do not, but you know what I do back? I do back what's right, what's fair, and our history and our heritage. Ok? The right has just as much right in this country as the Left does, but it don't seem like that anymore. And if you come out, and you basically try to stand up for your history, and your heritage in this country the Left run out and call you a damn "racist". And everybody just cowers down like a bunch of little sniveling (throws pen and becomes instantly enraged and starts screaming) fucking pussies! (Points at camera angrily) And I'm sick of it in this country. That's the reason I do what I do. (Yelling) I don't give a FUCK, who calls me a "racist" in this country. I do not. And you know what people? You better start growing some fucking balls, or you're not going to have a fucking country. You're not gonna have shit left. When these son of a bitches rip it out from under you because you're too chicken shit to stand the FUCK up! And I'm fuckin' sick of it. They're not shaming me with mother fuckin' bullshit. They're not brainwashing me of this fuckin' bullshit. And I see so many people out here in society it's brainwashed, and beat down like fuckin' puppies in the fuckin' corner, because they're afraid of what some radical Left-wing bunch of fucks is gonna say about 'em. It's time to come off that fuckin' shit. It's time to fuckin' grow some balls and stand the fuck up. And if you don't know how to do that, well, won't you get on a goddamned boat and go back over to Africa, or some other goddamned country where they don't have a Constitution."

So be it shitbag. There is a ton more hilarity from this racist piece of shit, but you'll just have to listen. He's making my head hurt with his stupidity. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Billy shows disdain at participation badges yet wants to keep the ultimate participation trophies - the confederate monuments. Silly Billy


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