Meltdown: An unhinged Jason Kessler says "FUCK YOU!" to immigrants...

Jason Kessler goes on an unhinged tirade following the announcement that his permit for the Unite The Right rally had been conditionally approved.

Skip to 2:50:

"We just keep backing down, and keep backing down to these people. We are not backing down. We are gonna be in Lee Park. Anybody who doesn't think this is a civil liberties, this is a civil rights issue in this case, has their head up their ass. These people are trying to replace us with third world immigrants. They are trying to replace us with Muslims. They put propaganda out in the movies and in our school system, talking down to white people, to make us to blame for everything. And then, they won't even let us have the First Amendment rights that OUR ancestors gave us. OUR ANCESTORS gave us those rights, those civil liberties, that these people are coming over from India, and the Middle East, and whatever, and thinking that they have more rights than we do, FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!"

Restoring the honor! 


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