Jason Kessler wins injunction, rally will go in in Emancipation Park tomorrow...

Jason Kessler has won a last minute injunction preventing the revocation of his permit. While I'm pretty disappointed that people like Kessler can game the system, I'm not discouraged. Tolerance, equality and love will win in the end. Be safe out there this weekend, and please, keep it peaceful.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I can't help but notice the display of multi-culturalism on display at the rally. All those tiki torches, they must really love their non-white brothers and sisters.

  2. More importantly, Cville officials were vindicated today. The park was too small, in too congested of an area. Jason Kessler and that pathetic excuse for a judge should hang their heads in shame. Hearing that a car plowed through the crowd. Unconfirmed reports of casualties. This is the legacy of Unite The Right.

  3. I've seen the videos. Horrific and unreal. It was an antiracist crowd that was plowed into, right?


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